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Adventure City
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The biggest city compared to Adventure Bay.

Adventure City is the main setting of PAW Patrol: The Movie and its sequel, PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie.


Adventure City is a bustling metropolis that is comparatively more active and crowded than the neighboring Adventure Bay, but the general atmosphere is the same as its coastal town counterpart. The city features facilities much more technologically advanced than in Adventure Bay and is the home of Liberty, a stray dachshund, who became a member of the PAW Patrol and the Junior Patrollers, three pomeranians named Nano, Mini, and Tot, who dream of becoming members of the PAW Patrol one day.

It once had Mayor Humdinger as the mayor, who had numerous deeds to try to accomplish for him and the citizens of the city, but they backfired on his first few days in power, resulting in his impeachment and arrest.

The PAW Patrol initially moved to Adventure City to deal with Mayor Humdinger, but eventually settled there on a slightly more permanent basis.

The Flag

The flag of the city is flown at City Hall. It has two purple bars on both ends and one long at the top on a white background. In a different version, it has two white bars on left and right and one gold bar on top against a purple background.

Adventure City Subway

A subway station where people board and ride the trains that run throughout Adventure City. It is also where Liberty first debuted in PAW Patrol the Movie.

Carmen's Store

A store Carmen works at. Prior to Mayor Humdinger's arrest, Carmen had a wall full of missing dog posters. She later takes each poster down after all the dogs have been returned to their rightful owners.

Tony's Fruit Stand

A store Tony works at.

Fuzzy Buddies Obedience School

A former training school for dogs, which was turned into a dog jail after Mayor Humdinger took over as mayor and locked up many dogs such as Delores, Rocket, Harris, Barney, and Chase after kidnapping them from their owners before the PAW Patrol freed them. Its current condition is unknown.

Adventure City HQ

The Adventure City HQ (known as the Pup Tower in PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie) serves as the new headquarters for the PAW Patrol in Adventure City up until it was destroyed by a meteor pulled down by Victoria Vance, forcing them to relocate to the Aircraft Carrier.

Aircraft Carrier HQ

Located near the harbor, the Aircraft Carrier serves as the new HQ for the PAW Patrol as of PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie.

Victoria Vance's Observatory

Located outside of Adventure City, it is where Victoria Vance used to hide out and scheme her plans before she was arrested at the end of PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie.

Adventure City Main Street

An area within Adventure City in which many vehicles pass by to get to their certain destinations. It is the busiest street in the entire city.

In PAW Patrol: The Movie, it is where the PAW Patrol were stuck in traffic until Liberty guided them through alleyways to get to the Town Square. In PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie, it is cleared by the PAW Patrol and used as a runway for Skye to land Mayor Humdinger's damaged plane.

Adventure City Intersection

An area within Adventure City where Ryder found and rescued Chase, who, at the time, was a stray pup.

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