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Barkingburg Castle

Quest for the Crown 6

Barkingburg Castle's view.

Barkingburg Castle is a castle located in Barkingburg. This is a place where Sweetie, Busby, the Earl of Barkingburg, the Princess of Barkingburg, the Butler of Barkingburg Castle, and the Royal Kittens of Barkingburg live in.


  • Princess of Barkingburg: A young (presumably teenage) girl who is set to eventually become queen of Barkingburg.
  • Sweetie: A villain pup who has a desire to rule Barkingburg.
  • Busby: Sweetie's toy minion & chew toy which can only be controlled by Sweetie's collar.
  • Henry and Elizabeth: A duo called the Royal Kittens. They seem to like mouse toys.
  • Earl of Barkingburg: An unnamed man who serves as the earl of the kingdom of Barkingburg.
  • Butler of Barkingburg Castle: An unnamed man who serves as the butler of the Castle of Barkingburg.
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