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Beach Tower HQ

Baby Octopus 5

Beach Tower HQ first seen in "Sea Patrol: Pups Save a Baby Octopus"

The Beach Tower HQ is a tower located in Adventure Beach. This tower is operated like the Lookout, but located near the sea for every sea-themed emergencies. This tower is also where the Sea Patrol performs its duty. The Sea Patroller lies beneath the tower.

Areas within Beach Tower HQ


The lobby is the ground floor inside the tower. It is one of the areas where the pups gather.

Deploying site

Located at the back of the tower, this place is where the sea-designed vehicles for pups are deployed.


Like the Lookout, this is the place where the PAW Patrol assembles and is debriefed when called for a mission. There are three doors to access this place, two for the pups and one for Ryder. Marshall and Chase are the first pups to dash out the pup doors to assemble.

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