• TheTowerofDruaga3048

    I played the piano for 10 years and the marimba for 6 years. What musical instruments do you or did you play?

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  • NoonboryKedabory

    Have you ever noticed how exclusionary the merchandise (not including toys) of the show is?

    Every time I see PAW Patrol merch out in public, it's always Chase, Marshall, Rubble, Skye, and Everest.

    I really wish the merch would take advantage of the show's insanely large cast, because according to the merchandise, Rocky doesn't exist. And neither does Zuma. Or Tracker. Or the Mighty Twins. Or any human character except for Ryder and occasionally Cap'n Turbot.

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  • YummyBiscuits

    Hey guys! It's been a while :) So I've noticed that the Vimeo video links have stopped working on the song pages, and unfortunately, it is due to my Vimeo account being flagged.

    • Regarding this, I've sent in a request to un-flag my account. In the case that it cannot be recovered due to Copyright, I will be creating a new Vimeo account as a substitute, together with songs that have not been added to the wiki!

    Thanks for reading this quick notice and have a PAWsome day! Plus, wishing this wiki a Happy 6th Anniversary!

    ~YummyBiscuits (P.s. Oh man, there's so much I missed!)

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  • Baldwin17

    Big update

    August 14, 2019 by Baldwin17

    I have some big news in regards to my idea for a Halloween episode of Butterbean's Cafe.

    I think it went through. FINALLY one of my story ideas went through! An admin on Butterbean's Cafe Wiki told me that my idea was accepted by the crew at Brown Bag in Toronto, and that means my idea might, JUST MIGHT, make it to the screen. Here's hoping that it happens. And if that happens, I just might become the first outsider, the first fan, to get a story idea to a studio that works with Nickelodeon and succeed in getting it to the screen and prove that the right people at the right animation studio can make the right story idea come to life.

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  • SirBlaze

    Today, we celebrate 6 years of PAW Patrol coming to the airwaves for the first time. It never ceases to amaze me at the evolution of the show from how simple it was on the premiere date of August 12, 2013, even still a year or so into it.

    PAW Patrol has changed so many people’s lives, as it has especially changed mine since I watched the premiere. I have met some of my very closest friends because of this show and many of them still stand with me today, and I hope those people know how much I appreciate them and treasure them. These close friends joined my side all because of a mutual love for six (and later more) puppies led by a 10-year old boy for literally hundreds of action-packed missions.

    Over the past few days, I have read many peopl…

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  • Mission paw Marshall

    I really like Tracker, since he appear on Paw Patrol. What i dislike that the creator use him less and less then other pups. 

    Yes I understand he a Jungle pup. But his super hearing can be useful in tracking people and animel outside of the jungle.

    Also They should do the same thing with Everest, Getting his Air and Sea patrol and Mission  Pawgear ( yes i understand Everest dont have a Mission paw gear)

    At least give him some more mission outside the jungle and in new area that Tracker have not been. but at lest let him hang with the other pup for once and while

    For Super Paw i ready to see his power and be a might pup but if Spinmaster dont do a Super paw with Tracker. I would be Pretty mad.becase my boy Tracker need more attaction

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  • Trakerjip

    Is PAW patrol 6th aniversary and our favorite  Pups are on one of  they best moment with  7 seasons, two special moviesa teatrical film on production  and more...

    so, congratulations you are good pups!🎉

    thanks to Keith Chapman Spin Master  Guru studios  and all involved for create this pawsome show


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  • Amethyst626

    So recently one of my family members reminded me of a show that I watched a lot in childhood, and that show is Word World, and a lot of memories jogged in, but I also realized something. Now, in Word World, there were physical letters of the alphabet that you put together to make a word, then that word becomes a physical object, or animal. All the characters in Word World were anthropomorphic animals (with the exception of Robot), so basically the show was meant for teaching small kids vocabulary and spelling. Now, I haven’t actually watched Word World for a very long time, so everything I’m going to say is all based on memory. So in the Halloween episode, the character Pig (who is a chef) and his friend Ant were making candied apples for trick…

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  • NoonboryKedabory

    It's honestly sad that in 2019, when people talk about a female character, they focus how feminine/tomboyish she is rather than her real strengths and talents.

    Yes, people are still freaking about how Skye, a female, likes the color pink and other "girly" things.

    First of all, it's her choice! Skye is more than capable of choosing her interests. Her interests just so happen to be "girly" things like being groomed and doing gymnastics. And second, who cares? Real life women and girls are still gonna have the same human rights regardless of whether a fictional girl likes something that is perceived as "girly"!

    You may have noticed that I put the word "girly" in quotation marks. That's because there are likely hundreds upon thousands of boy out th…

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  • Baldwin17

    Big news

    August 11, 2019 by Baldwin17

    I have some really big news, it seems that I may have gained the attention of the creators of another Nick Jr show in regards to a new episode.

    The show is Butterbean's Cafe, and the episode is a Halloween one. I say that I may have gained the attention of the creators because someone on the Butterbean's Cafe wiki said that the Bean Team and creators would be interested in making it and even added that it could be animated within a month from now. Now, I'm not sure if this is true, so I ain't getting my hopes up too high. But if this is true, than that means I have solved the problem of getting creators of a show to listen to the idea(s) of the fans.

    Here's hoping that this is the breakthrough I hope it will be.

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  • NoonboryKedabory

    This blog is for me to talk about the characters in this wonderful show that I don't find very good. And by sheer coincidence, all three of them happen to be antagonists.

    Mayor Humdinger

    Words cannot describe how much I despise Humdinger. There is nothing for me to like about him. He's an insufferable jerk with an over-inflated ego, and is just not pleasant to have an episode.

    I think so far, his worst appearance ever was in "Pups Save a Good Mayor", where he (temporarily) prevented the PAW Patrol (team) from going on their mission. Do not EVER keep a rescue worker from doing their job! You never know; someone might die because of you! Seriously, imagine if he pulled this stunt when the PAW Patrol was trying to complete a very serious emergen…

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  • Marshall Shepherd

    Paw patrol has been my fave show ever since it first debuted   on TV in 2013.  I have watched all of Seasons 1 through 5 and I sure miss the old voice cast. I was satisfied   when Mighty pups came out. It was the best Paw Patrol movie I have ever watched. 

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  • SirBlaze

    On this day in 2013, the PAW Patrol Wiki you're seeing now was founded by GoldenLatias6. In 11 days, the PAW Patrol as a whole will soon be celebrating its sixth anniversary.

    With each year that passes, I can't help but be amazed with just how massively popular the series has become, not only here in the United States, but the rest of the entire world. This show has touched the hearts of millions of people across the globe and continues to do so today, and it still does for me.

    I want to thank every single person who has provided a contribution to this wiki since August 1, 2013, whether its adding hundreds of images for an episode, creating new pages, or simply correcting a spelling mistake (which is the first thing I did here). I also want …

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  • SpyChaseFan08

    I'm can't belive this, but it has been 6 Years since the PAW Patrol Wiki was founded.

    On August 1, 2013, GoldenLatias6 have created this wiki, and then, 11 days later, the series premiered.

    Look at this place now, it looks PAW-some all because of these awesome admins. All of them.

    And now, the pups have a video game (even though it's been a while), it had an exhibit at the Indianopolis Children's Museum, This Paw-some, and i am really happy it's still going to this day. Soon, this wiki will go under another update, which will make it look Paw-some-er.

    Anyway, i'm really glad i get to make this post for the PAW Patrol Wiki anniversery. This is SpyChaseFan08 signing out.

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  • SpyChaseFan08

    Hey guys, it's me SpyChaseFan08, and i'm back and i'm going to tell you all that Puppylove1257 had an idea to form a group. The team so far has me, Puppylove, and Amethyst278. Anyone i made friends with can join my team.

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  • Amethyst626

    Okay, when I watched the most recent episode(Pups Meet the Mighty Twins), which I did enjoy, It sparked a question in my head. How exactly does the meteor work? Cause, I noticed different characters' powers behaved differently when near the Meteor. For example, in the Mighty Pups movie, the pups got their powers when the meteor started glowing, and they lost their powers when the meteor stoped glowing due to energy drainage. So, when we saw the meteor glowing again at the end of Mighty Pups, I assumed the pups could use their powers right there. However, in the episode When Super Kitties Attack, the meteor was glowing, but the pups couldn't use their powers. Also, in Mighty Pups, Harold lost his powers when  the meteor stoped glowing, but …

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  • JSal2K17

    Friends Wanted

    July 26, 2019 by JSal2K17

    I hate to be one of those type of people. But, I'm desperately looking for friends to talk PAW Patrol with or just to chat with in generI get very lonely and depressed that I don't really have any friends to talk PAW Patrol with. So, if anyone see's this please leave a comment 

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  • Baldwin17

    It seems that the Devil himself has set his sights on torturing me. I already know that someone has drove one of our own on another community here within FANDOM to his failed attempt at suicide, well now it seems that he's striking me on my YouTube channel and by whispering into TopBanter's ear to have my transcript for Mighty Pups, which I painstakingly worked on by going back and forth between here and Kimcartoon in order to write the transcript line for line, deleted. And to top it off, AfroJack29 told me that it was fine, but it needed improvements, which I couldn't make, but he told me maybe he could take the transcript, which he claimed was solid, and put it into the proper format. Only to have TopBanter take it down and this caused …

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  • Ianthegreatist

    i am so exited to wach the new mighty pups episode 

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  • SpyChaseFan08

    As we know, they annouced that we would get a new dino pup named, Rex in Season 7.

    I'm going to make prediction's for how Rex should be in Season 7.

    • He should be a whippit.
    • He should start at 5 Years old.
    • His uniform color should be brown.
    • His pup-pack should have the following tools
      • Shovel
      • Goggles
      • Fossil Detector
    • His veichle should have a crane and be brown with tread's and it should be a dune buggy.

    That's all the ideas i can think of for now, you can post you idea's in comment's. This is SpyChaseFan08 signing out.

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  • Chris Lippenga

    Trakerjip just uploaded the 18th PAW Patrol vehicle. From the look of it, I might guess this is the Race Car Patroller. According to Baldwin17, it looks like a portable pit area. Hopefully it appears in a future episode of Season 6.

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  • Chris Lippenga

    When I watched Mighty Pups, Super Paws: When Super Kitties Attack, I came across this vehicle. The vehicle number is "17" and it almost represents vehicle #10, which is the Air Patroller. I want to know, what's the name of this new vehicle? If you know what it is, type your answer in the comments section. That way, I'll know what it is.


    Chris Lippenga

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  • NoonboryKedabory

    This blog post is about a small thing that, while having little to no impact on the show, still pops up quite frequently. It has to do with Ryder's vest. 

    In most scenes, his vest has no sleeves, and he wears a white underhsirt with long sleeves. However, there's also numerous scenes where his vest is depicted with longer sleeves.

    My question being: is it the same vest, or two different ones? And what purpose does it serve?

    I think what happened here is in Season 1, he wore the sleeveless one when just going about his day, and wore the long-sleeved one during missions, but then as the series progressed, the longer-sleeved vest was phased out and only once in a while did he wear it (not including the plethora of times where it was shown due to…

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  • AnteaterUnicorn

    In paw patrol, They howl like this .... Awoo!

    But sometimes is like.... Awooooooooo!

    How long is the longer howls. I think 14 seconds ( rarely) or 12 seconds ( common)

    Or even the howls could be..... Awooooooooooooooo! ( 27 seconds)

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  • NoonboryKedabory

    This is (sort of) related to my "Is PAW Patrol Sexist" blog, but focused on a specific taking point.

    A lot of people arguing that PAW Patrol is sexist say that Skye could handle 99% of the missions by herself. I'm here to, that's not true, for three reasons.

    1. Rescue Training

    Each pup is trained in specific areas. Marshall is trained for fire emergencies, medical emergencies (as of Season 2), and situations that require a ladder, Zuma is trained for aquatic emergencies, Rubble is trained for construction-based jobs, Chase is trained for spy stuff and general safety of others, Rocky is trained for situations requiring building/fixing/clearing litter, and Skye is trained for aerial emergencies. (For the sake of simplicity, I'll skip E…

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  • Midnight Blaze V

    If they ever decide to add a new Pup to the PAW Patrol, I think it should be a girl Pup and her specialty is desert rescue.

    We already have Zuma, who specializes in water rescue, Everest, in mountain or cold weather rescue, and Tracker, in jungle rescue.

    As for her breed, maybe a Great Dane, a Border Collie, an Australian Cattle Dog, or maybe even a Pharaoh Hound!

    Her vehicle could be a Dune Buggy or Sand Rail

    Her Pup Pack could include an emergency shade like a parasol, solar-powered fan, sunscreen, a container of water, binoculars, or even a shovel to dig up sand, as well as a rope

    Her Pup Tag symbol could be... a bright Sun or even a Saguaro Cactus

    Her color could be... Orange like a Sunset, and her hat could be some kind of sun hat

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  • NoonboryKedabory

    I did a journal similar to this on my DeviantArt, but I'm making this blog to reach a wider, more specific audience.

    There's been multiple debates over whether this show has sexist undertones, so let's settle this once and for all.

    Why exactly does the pups' genders matter so much? What should matter is what they do; they save the day and they help people in need. However, instead of everyone applauding that the pups stopped an out-of-control robot and saved their entire city from burning to the ground, everyone is losing their minds because (gasp!) only Skye has an XX chromosome! (You'll find that a lot of people who argue that the show is sexist tend to disregard Everest.)

    Honestly, this is such a childish argument; reducing a character to …

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  • Venz412

    A Mighty Pup POV

    June 9, 2019 by Venz412

    I am too looking forward for the upcoming Mighty Pups: Super PAWS. But I already know the same premise since I already know some similarities between the shows I watch and the Mighty pups. I am now seeing users posting the teaser or some previews before the said date arrived, which I felt sad due to spoilers spilled around this wiki.

    • Both Factions have equal powers.
    • Humdinger and KCC pillage adventure bay again.
    • Mighty pups have their vehicles this time.
    • Kit-tastrophe crew this time allied to Harold and not his uncle.
    • 7 vs 8 ain't fair.
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  • TheTowerofDruaga3048

    What is your favorite 'X' letter word? Mine is Xerox. I think there should be a title card that has one of the words that start with X. (i.e. Pups Save the X_______)

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  • Rayna Yeen

    Holly aGorski, Justina,s Current voice actress, and her group G-Force were on Amnerica's Got Talent!! (Really surprised since they're Canadian.

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  • FlyingFoxBat

    So, I was at Target and spotted something very interesting when walking by the PAW Patrol merchandise:

    It looks like in July we’ll be seeing two new members of Super PAW. Whether they’ll be permanent or just one-time characters is unknown for now, of course.

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  • Amethyst626

    1) His plans never work

    2) He has to show up to every contest for whatever reason

    3) He steals basically everything

    4) He acts like a 5-year old

    5) He treats the Kittens like servents

    6) He appears in every episode now

    7) He doesn't even try to be a villain

    8) He blames his kitties for everything

    9) He thinks he's the best at everything

    10) he recreates everything just for the heck of it

    Hands up everyone who agrees with me. If you are a Humdinger fan, I respect your opinion.

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  • Venz412

    The Paw Patrol is now on a roll with this next movie called PAW Patrol: Ready Race Rescue. which now arriving sometime this year. And as I looking forward for the movie since it doesn't show at the Philippines from sometime now. and this second blog from NickALive sure got me a bit attention to look forward on this. and also this is the Paw Patrol's second movie after Mighty Pups!

    • A very serious competition for 9-20 racers.  
    • An entire course around the Paw Patrol universe
    • Golden trophy for the winners
    • intense rescues and battle races.
    • Ryder will participate in the race this time.

    That's all I have to say. Maraming Salamat po.

    TheAlLieDGeneralsTalk 21:47, May 23, 2019 (UTC)

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  • Editor34k


    May 8, 2019 by Editor34k

    I Finally watched The new episodes yesterday. I won’t give out any spoilers because these episodes haven’t been out for a Week.

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  • Editor34k


    May 5, 2019 by Editor34k

    I’m waiting for the new episodes to be on the nick jr app because I watched the promo and i’m exited for it to be on the nick jr app.

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  • Love wink


    May 1, 2019 by Love wink

    Can anyone update the PAW Patrol (Hindi) page all titles are in ENGLISH and season4 is also dubbed 

    While they have dubbed 3 seasons....and season 4 half and the tittles are in ENGLISH. Honestly,I am shocked myself.(dont worry I'm hindi) link to  Sea Patrol: Pups Save a Narwhal

    this is a legal link.

    And you all may ask why can't you do it yourself Love Wink? While,I have NO TIME AT ALL 

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  • Amethyst626

    Hogwarts sorting

    April 25, 2019 by Amethyst626







    Zuma: Gryffindor



    That was just my opinion, take the survey bellow and let me know what you think. Also (you don't have to) let me know what house you're in. I'm a Hufflepuff.

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  • 1222brown

    My dog

    April 25, 2019 by 1222brown
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  • Editor34k

    New Episodes

    April 4, 2019 by Editor34k

    I Can’t Wait For The New PAW Patrol Episode. I Wonder Which Ultimate Rescue Will It Be This Time. I Hope It’s Everest Because She Can Handle Mountains. And Pups Save the Honey Will Have Something To Do With Honey. I Hope These Episodes Are Super PAWSOME (I Always Wanted To Say That)

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  • Amethyst626

    If you actually watch all the times he has gotten wet, you'll notice he just says things like "yuck!" or "eww!". Both are signs of disgust.  Normaly, if you're afraid of something, you freak out around the thing you're afraid of. Rocky doesn't do that. Skye freaks out when she sees an eagle, and Rubble freaks out when he's near spiders. Also, other characters I know have aquaphobia/hydrophobia like Stitch and Sonic the Hedgehog, have that fear because they can't swim. And with Rocky, altho it doesn't happen alot, he can swim. So, bottom line, Rocky isn't afraid of water, he's just disgusted by it.

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  • SirBlaze

    Hello, everyone editing and visiting the PAW Patrol Wiki!

    I’m SirBlaze, the primary admin here as most already know, here to make an important announcement about our website: we are now officially using a new URL to access the wiki!

    As of March 22, 2019, the PAW Patrol Wiki will now be primarily accessed at That’s pawpatrol, all in one word before the rest of the URL, instead of the old paw-patrol with the hyphen between it.

    I had this done this morning because I believe it will be much easier for people to get to this wiki and to get to the correct wiki (as we have a small amount of “knockoff” wikis pretending to be us), in addition to being more user-friendly in general.

    I know this could be frustrating or surprisi…

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  • Amethyst626

    Super Paw

    March 16, 2019 by Amethyst626

    Hi, my name is Amethyst626, and one thing i'm excited for in the future of Paw Patrol is Super Paw. I have a little story about this. So, waayyyy before Mighty Pups was even announced, I wrote these fanfictions in my journal about the pups getting superpowers. When I wrote them though, I kept thinking this isn't going to happen. Then fast forward to around a year later, I was looking on the Paw Patrol wiki, and found a page for Mighty Pups with an interesting picture (which ended up being the cover of the DVD). So I clicked on it, and when I read the discription, I was shocked! Surprisingly, most of the pup's superpowers matched the ones I gave them in the fanfiction (minus Rocky and Marshall, but that's okay), so everytime I heard about M…

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  • Venz412

    An Otha Stance

    March 8, 2019 by Venz412

    I will try to voice out my concern on the wiki. I don't want to let some admins toss or erased some edits without clarifications, and even so trying to lay low for awhile here. I think this was getting out of hand since there are persons judged or criticize a person who tells them to take some classes like Grammars to improve. Especially when you are living on a country which English counts as a National Language. so these are my thoughts what I said if I am on Otha's situation/crisis. Hope you understand my thoughts,

    As of now I commended SirBlaze and his team to keep the wiki safe and up to date. I will try to add some edits and sometimes use the gallery for referencing in the edits. but one admin managed to revert it back when you tried…

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  • SomeUsernameHere

    Attention, this is just something on the ongoing Otha Bland controversy/situation.

    Otha Bland is a user here on the PAW Patrol wiki and you may think like he’s normal and all that... but if you go in depth... he really isn’t.

    And this video that I made and posted on YouTube from last October explains all of that.

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  • Nikkipwr

    I had this crazy idea! I would like Ryder and Carlos to sing a duet! The song is a modern teen pop rock type. Ryder sings the first verse, and Carlos sings the second verse. While they both sing the chorus. I have no name or lyrics for the song yet but, I would flourish if Ryder and Carlos sang a song together!

    Write in the comments below some names and lyrics for the song!

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  • Joecrusher

    So, in honor of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Spin Master and Nickelodeon teamed up with Takara Tomy to do a very special thing they should have done a long time ago, bring Paw Patrol to Japan!

    The Japanese dub of "Paw Patrol" is scheduled to premiere April 6, 2019 on TV Tokyo

    == Leaked Japanese cast ==
    * Ryder (Renamed "Kent" (ケント) because Ryder (ライダー) rhymes with Kamen Rider (仮面ライダー) and Takara Tomy & Nickelodeon don't wanna get sued by Toei & Bandai): Megumi Han (潘めぐみ)
    * Chase: Shizuka Ishigami (石上静香)
    * Marshal: Makoto Koichi (小市眞琴)
    * Skye: Shiori Izawa (井澤詩織)
    * Rubble: Satsumi Matsuda (松田颯水)
    * Rocky: Miyuki Kobori (小堀幸)
    * Zuma: Sayuri Yaha…

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  • Brinna Yee

    Is there any place to find photos of her. i've looked everywhere for them but can't find them anywhere!!! I'm so curious, i NEED to know!!!!

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  • Nikkipwr

    Super PAW Predictions

    February 26, 2019 by Nikkipwr

    Hey guys! It's Nicolette and I am here to talk about the upcoming season 6 sub series; Super PAW. Let's get started!

    Super PAW is probably a continuation of Mighty Pups! I think the PAW Patrol will get their powers back from the meteor. Chase, Skye, Marshall, Rubble, Zuma, Rocky, and Everest will be joined by their friend, Tracker.

    Being joined by their friend Tracker would be a huge relief. Why? Because Tracker only made a cameo and didn't play a role in Mighty Pups!

    Even though Tracker didn't join the Mighty Pups, it still gives us time to predict Tracker's powers. Here is my opinion and prediction:

    • Growing giant plants
    • Since Tracker lives in the jungle, it makes sense for him to have nature powers! One of the things I wanted to see is Track…
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  • MarshallTheAngel

    Why don't I see TundratheSnowPup as one of your admins? Did she leave or I just didn't search? or I'm in the wrong site? I see her in dA, but I don't see her here.

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  • MothmanXWasp

    How do i find fan art ? Also how do I find others?

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