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Cali is Katie's pet cat that stays with her at Katie's Pet Parlor.


Cali is for the most part very much like a typical cat. She is shown to have a very big appetite in "Pups Save a Train", where she tries to steal a seagull's findings. Like many cats, she loves to eat fish and was the only one who liked Cap'n Turbot's fish cake made with real fish scale icing in "Pups Take the Cake".

In "Pups Save Alex's Mini-Patrol", she becomes a member of Alex Porter's Mini-Patrol along with Chickaletta, Little Hootie, a bunny, and a turtle.


Cali may look sweet, but she's actually very sneaky. She often gets exasperated and rolls her eyes in response to something that annoys her.

Though not to Marshall's extent, she can be a bit of a klutz and tends to get some slapstick, whether it's because of her own mistakes or rotten luck. She can be impulsive and tends to walk into danger to get something she wants.

When she gets surprised or scared, she hisses and meows. She is a "scaredy cat" according to Katie in "Pups and the Ghost Pirate" and has a tendency to panic when she finds herself in a perilous situation. This usually makes rescuing her more difficult than if she were to have remained calm. Cali is somewhat spoiled and has a love of eating, to the point where she will even eat pup food and treats, though she is occasionally antagonistic with the pups and Chickaletta.

Like most cats (and Rocky) she is shown to have an aversion to water, getting wet, and taking bath in a bathtub. However, despite the fact she shares this fear of water with Rocky, she has no problem seeing him get wet or forced to take a bath. In "Pups Make a Splash", she kept thwarting Rocky's attempts to hide and avoid taking a bath, to the point where she tried forcing him into the tub only to end up falling in herself. However, despite her fear, she has a bad habit of lying on top of things like towels or other high structures near the bathtubs, which often causes her to fall in by accident.

Cali also appears to enjoy stalking (and possibly hunting) the local seagulls. She can also shown to be jealous when Katie dotes on younger kittens like Precious.

She has a friendly rivalry with Chickaletta. Though she can be somewhat antagonistic towards the pups at times, she is for the most part friendly to them and is always grateful to them whenever they save her. She is very devoted to her owner Katie. Cali gets really scared easily, and can be bossy and mischievous along with being semi-independent and curious about the world around her.


Cali has lavender-gray fur with white patches on her face, tail, paws, and chest, gray-blue eyes, and a pink nose. She wears a purple collar with a little golden bell.

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