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Dino Tower

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The tower of the PAW Patrol Dino Rescue

The Dino Tower is a tower in the Dino Wilds as the newest pup Rex that made in a titular PAW Patrol Dino Rescue. As the pups wear their new Dino gear, the PAW Patrol badge can change into a blue paw badge, and it also spins until it gets to the top. It debuted in the episode "Dino Rescue: Pups and the Lost Dino Eggs" in Season 7.

Areas in Dino Tower


The Dino Wilds was surrounded by the tower for a spinning mechanism that should can lineup by appropriate vehicles when they coming down for deploying time.

Blue Paw Badge

As the PAW Patrol badge, wearing a new Dino Rescue Gear, the PAW Patrol Badge changes into a Blue Paw Badge.


As the pups line up by the following: Rex, Marshall, Zuma, Rubble, Chase, Rocky and Skye, the Dino Tower keeps spinning until it gets to the top.

Lower Ground

After Ryder's briefing with the pups, the pups come back down and take the deployed vehicle before Ryder gets on his ATV during the Dino Rescue Missions.

Episode Appearances

Season 7



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