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Dwayne is a male Great Dane and one of three members of the Ruff-Ruff Pack. He made his first appearance in "Moto Pups: Pups vs. the Ruff-Ruff Pack".


Dwayne is a loyal member of the pack, and as such, he has no problem helping the team steal or cause some "wheel trouble" upon Hubcap's orders. When antagonizing civilians or dealing with the Moto Pups, he'll appear quite serious and won't say much, outside of chanting the pack's catchphrase.

Despite this, Dwayne's actually not the mean pup as you'd expect. When he's not causing trouble, the Great Dane seems to smile more and enjoy hanging out with Hubcap and Gasket (when the two aren't fighting, anyway). Dwayne's also the least serious of the three, as evident of the time he believed they were all going to Adventure Bay for sandwiches instead of causing some trouble. Furthermore, Dwayne's been shown to be the most cautious of the pack, as he'll often try to warn Hubcap of things that might be too dangerous or reckless (predictably, his warnings go ignored). And despite his loyalties, Dwayne will bail out of situations he finds to be "too ruff-ruff".

Dwayne also has a more friendly yet silly side to him, especially when compared to the other two. When the Pack raided Mayor Humdinger's hideout in Foggy Bottom, the Great Dane genuinely had fun playing with the Kitten Catastrophe Crew, and even wanted to take said cats with him when they had to bail upon the PAW Patrol's arrival. Furthermore, when Mayor Goodway tried to infiltrate the Pack as a new member in the hopes of changing them from bad to good, Dwayne immediately befriended her and even tried to offer "membership cards" to both Goodway and Chickaletta. And in his final appearance in season 7, when the Pack found themselves in trouble and were rescued by Chase, Dwayne had no qualms with acting friendly towards the German Shepherd and even gave him the nickname "Brave Blue Puppy".

Although Dwayne might be a bad pup, he's got a softer side that makes him one of the least-villainous antagonist in the series.


Dwayne is a Great Dane, having brown fur with tan-colored paws, as well as brown eyes, long drooping ears, and buck teeth. He has a short and somewhat skinny tail, as well as the usual pink paw pads found on most canines in the series. True to his breed, he's also quite tall, which makes him the tallest pup to appear in PAW Patrol thus far. His hind legs also have a somewhat realistic, digitigrade-look to them, which is much different than any other pup that's currently appeared in the TV series.

His main piece of clothing is his dark brown biker jacket. It has ripped sleeves with white tips, a poorly-sewed on patch featuring his pack's logo on the left side of his chest, a single zipped-up pocket on the right, and an unbuttoned top collar with a single grey button. Dark threading can be seen around any of the jacket's seams. Underneath all of this, he wears a pale yellow shirt.

Alongside his jacket, Dwayne also wears fingerless gloves on his front paws, which shares the same color. Most of the time, he's also seen wearing a dark grey biker helmet, which features a chin strap, three grey spikes on top, and black-rimmed goggles (the latter of which also has a strap that matches the color of the jacket, albeit with light threading instead). On his back is a pup-pack, which is dark blue, has more spikes (two), and a black tire skid mark graphic. Like the other members of the pack, his also has a claw arm.

Similar to Hubcap and Gasket, Dwayne lacks a pup-tag, possibly due to the three being strays.


Here is a gallery of Dwayne's attires throughout the series.


Dwayne's pup-pack includes a gripper claw just like Hubcap's. He uses it to grab things.


Dwayne is often seen driving the Ruff-Ruff Pack's main vehicle; a two-wheeled "Cruiser" motorcycle. It is equipped with a one-wheeled sidecar on the right side, which is usually reserved for Hubcap. The pack's logo is featured on both sides. It is also equipped with a pincer arm on the back, similar to the one Rocky uses with his pup pack, only larger. The vehicle, itself has a somewhat dirty and unkempt appearance.


  • "Ruff-Ruff Pack! Ruff-Ruff Pack!"
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