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Foggy Bottom is a location just outside Adventure Bay. Its mayor is Mayor Humdinger, who frequently competes with Mayor Goodway of Adventure Bay, and cheats to get his way of things. Mayor Humdinger also lives there and has a secret lair hidden in a rock face along the shoreline where he and his Kitten Catastrophe Crew are based. The town itself was first mentioned in "Pup Pup and Away" and first shown in "Pup-Fu!". As its name implies, the town is usually covered in fog giving it the town a somewhat ominous feel, which fits well with its Mayor's villainous traits.

The town has a local park that is covered in thick fog. On the ground there is a path of colored stones, on which are located long black lanterns, brightly illuminating the road. Through the fog, silhouettes of trees can be seen.

Foggy Bottom's appearance is in sharp contrast to Adventure Bay, as it is foggy and dark while Adventure Bay is sunny and bright.

Despite no houses being shown in the series, there seems to be evidence of people other than Mayor Humdinger and Harold Humdinger living in Foggy Bottom. This includes the town’s basketball team (Foggy Bottom Boomers), and Mayor Humdinger saying that Foggy Bottom has ‘all the dentists’.

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