Francois Turbot is Cap'n Turbot's cousin and research partner, who lives with him in the Seal Island lighthouse. He works as a zoologist, artist, and nature photographer. He is one of the PAW Patrol's closest friends.

He has a thick French accent and often uses French phrases in place of English words. He is sometimes self-centered and loves to show off, but he also cares deeply for animals and his friends.


Francois is a zoologist with a wide range of talents. His specialty is herpetology, as he is an expert when it comes to reptiles and cares for several species. Though he can get competitive with Cap'n Turbot when it comes to documenting wildlife, they both share a passion for animals. They also have a common interest in some related fields like paleontology.

Francois lives at Seal Island in the lighthouse. Before the events of the series, he did not stay in Adventure Bay and instead lived in France. He has retained many traits from his old home country, such as his accent, vocabulary, and clothing style. He has a habit of replacing English words with their equivalent phrases in French, especially cognates.

Francois and Cap'n Turbot are cousins. They have a grandmother named Tilly Turbot and an unseen grandfather known only as Grandpapa. Francois has many pet reptiles that he cares for and keeps in a green truck: Jenny the crocodile, Xander the chameleon, Ebenezer the turtle, and a pair of water snakes.

His favorite accessory is his red-and-blue camera, which he uses to take photographs of wildlife in all kinds of different locations. He calls it his "special underwater, high-def, hi-fi, wi-fi, can't-miss camera." It is very valuable and high-quality, equipped with many features that make it usable on land and underwater. It takes such great pictures that Cap'n Turbot sometimes uses Francois' camera by himself as well.


Francois is chic and somewhat egotistical. He loves to be the center of attention and can come across as a showoff. Francois' high self-regard often clouds his judgment and gets him into problems that only the PAW Patrol can solve. He is shown to be relentlessly overconfident, almost always trying to impress others. Francois will try to trump Cap'n Turbot whenever he has the chance, no matter what he must do to look more skilled. Francois' attempts to outdo his cousin always end in failure, with the humble captain prevailing and Francois receiving comeuppance. This results in a rivalry between the two Turbots, which can be seen whenever they argue or disagree with each other. Despite his self-centered nature, Francois is by no means an antagonist; he never causes any trouble intentionally. He does care about his cousin deep down and will call for help for him when the need arises. He also has a soft side towards his animals.

Francois has an interest in zoology and calls himself a zoologist. His specially appears to be herpetology as he is an expert when it comes to reptiles and cares for several species of reptile. Though he can be competitive with his cousin when it comes to documenting and studying wildlife, they both share a passion for zoology and related fields like paleontology occasionally doing research together.


Francois has pale fair skin, light brown hair and a brown mustache with a goatee. He wears circular glasses with pink-tinted lenses that make his pupils appear to be dark purple. In terms of clothes, he wears a beret (French-style hat), a red and white striped polo-style shirt with a blue neck tie (the colors of the French flag), and blue jeans rolled up on the ends. He also wears a pair of brown loafer shoes. His physical stature is very similar to his cousin's.


Below is a gallery of the attires Francois has worn in the series.



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