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Gage Munroe is the Season 1 voice of Marshall in Nickelodeon's and Nick Jr.'s PAW Patrol. He is also known for his work in Mr. Moon, Life With Boys, and My Big, Big Friend.

Acting Life

Gage Munroe has been acting professionally since he was eight years old. After two summers at acting camp, Munroe asked his parents whether he could add acting to his long list of extracurricular pursuits. In the six years since, he has had the great fortune to explore the many sides of the film and television industry, performing in TV commercials, movies of the week, children's animated series, and feature films.

Some of Munroe's notable credits include such television shows as the Steven Spielberg produced Falling Skies, NBC's The Firm, and episodes of Beauty and the Beast, Life With Boys, and Alphas. TV movies include Lifetime's Sunday's at Tiffany's and the Hallmark Channel Original Movies Old Fashioned Thanksgiving and The Night Before the Night Before Christmas. (His role in the film nabbed him a 2011 Young Artist Award nomination). Munroe also voices the main characters in the eponymous titled animated series Mr. Moon and Justin Time and plays the recurring role of Matt in the preschool favorite My Big, Big Friend.

In 2011, Munroe appeared in the blockbuster 3-D feature film Immortals in which he had the opportunity to work opposite Frieda Pinto and John Hurt. More recently, he played one of the lead roles in the critically acclaimed Canadian feature production, I Declare War, a best picture and best screenplay winner at up-and-coming genre film festival ActionFest. I Declare War was a festival favorite at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival. Munroe also co-starred in the Canadian feature Mad Ship, directed by David Mortin and has just wrapped filming a lead in the action feature Skating to New York, which shot in northern Ontario.

Munroe's passion for film transcends all aspects of the art and business of movie making. When he's not in front of the camera, he can often be found making and editing short films of his own – either that, or playing hockey or baseball, depending on the season.

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