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Henry and Elizabeth are the kittens owned by the Earl of Barkingburg and Princess of Barkingburg in "Mission PAW: Quest for the Crown". They are also known as the Royal Kittens of Barkingburg.


As the Royal Kittens of Barkingburg, they are pampered royal pets not unlike Sweetie though unlike Sweetie they are generally more well-behaved, though they have a history of being manipulated by villains such as Sweetie in "Mission PAW: Quest for the Crown" into distracting Chase (by taking advantage of his kitten allergy) and Mayor Humdinger in "Ultimate Rescue: Pups Save the Royal Kitties" when he kidnapped them leading them being temporarily forced to join the Kitten Catastrophe Crew with Henry being disguised as Cat Tracker and Elizabeth being disguised as Cat Everest, as part of Mayor Humdinger's plan to steal the Purple Jeweled Kitty from the Adventure Bay museum as the Royal Kittens paw prints were required to bypassing the security system. However after Mayor Humdinger's plot is foiled by the PAW Patrol's Ultimate Police Rescue lead by Chase, they are rescued and are welcomed to Adventure Bay by the PAW Patrol and Mayor Goodway. They are also shown to be similar to Cali as they are pampered pet kitties that tend to get along with the PAW Patrol pups, though in the case of the Royal Kittens this is apparently due to their familiarity with the Princess of Barkingburg's other pet, the Royal Pup Sweetie whom they similarly get along with, as they were oblivious to Sweetie's manipulation in "Mission PAW: Quest for the Crown" and their triggering Chase's kitten allergy was unintentional as they were focused on chasing the toy mouse Sweetie used to manipulate them.

Likewise, they are shown to get along with Chase despite them accidentally triggering his allergy during their role in Sweetie's theft of the Royal Crown of Barkingburg and Mayor Humdinger's theft of the Purple Jeweled Kitty, he doesn't hold it against them as he recognizes they were innocent and unwitting accomplices, unlike the main members of the Kitten Catastrophe Crew who are actively antagonistic towards the PAW Patrol, willingly assisting Mayor Humdinger and enjoy causing trouble for the pups.

Henry and Elizabeth are usually seen together though the exact nature of their relationship to each other is unclear (as it is unrevealed if they are unrelated friends, siblings, or mates) though what is known is that they are very close and share interests such as chasing mice and being pampered. In "Mission PAW: Pups Save the Princess' Pals", it is revealed that both are scared of ostriches as they flee from the Ostrich when it and the other escaped animals from the Princess' rescue for injured animals that Sweetie had released into the castle. They are so frightened by the ostrich that they flee and ignore the Earl of Barkingburg's attempts calm them down. In "Mission PAW: Pups Save a Royal Concert", they are shown to share the Princess and Earl of Barkingburg's fondness for Luke Stars' music.


Henry and Elizabeth are gray (tinged with lavender) with white stomachs, muzzles, paws, tail tips, and blue eyes.


Henry wears a black collar with a bow tie.


Elizabeth wears a red bow with a heart in the middle and a black collar with a red heart pendant.


These are the attires worn by Henry and Elizabeth throughout the series:

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