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  • She is the fourth female member, and the fifteenth overall.
  • Just like all the other pups who are reserve members, Liberty does not live with the pups. She is only called in as the seventh reserve member when her skills (in saving Adventure City) are required.
    • However Liberty might possibly move to The Lookout in the special due to having no home (despite having PAW Patrol gear and her scooter.) and become an official (instead of being reserved) member of the team according to one of the books but it is unknown if it will be done in the show.
  • Before joining, Liberty's dream was to one day become a PAW Patrol member. Like Chase, Rubble, and all the other reserved members (except for Rex) she was a stray before joining the PAW Patrol.
    • This became a reality after the PAW Patrol stopped Mayor Humdinger and Ryder gives her a new pup-tag.
    • She is the eighth stray to join the Paw Patrol following Chase, Rubble, Everest, Tracker, Tuck, Ella and Wild Cat.
  • Liberty returns in the TV series as of March 2022 making her TV debut in "Liberty Makes a New Friend".
  • She is the first pup to join the team in the film.
  • She is the second dachshund of the series, after Arrby.
  • Her name means "freedom".
    • Her name may or may not be a play on the Statue of Liberty.
  • Her badge is on the pups' vehicles.
    • That means that the pups might be Adventure City's new patrol team alongside Liberty. (Even though they also stop Humdinger in the film)
    • In the Pup Pup Boogie mini game for "PAW Patrol: Adventure City Calls", Liberty's collar color is turquoise despite it being salmon in he movie. The turquoise color is also seen in an Instagram post by Nick Jr. and later seen in a promo clip for the Season 9 opener episode "Liberty Makes a New Friend".
  • Her uniform is coral.
  • The movie implies that she is afraid of fireworks, as seen in the trailer and in the movie proper when she's running from the unstable fireworks commenting this is why dogs hate fireworks, which is actually a true fear for real dogs.
  • Her scooter is actually smaller compared to the pups vehicles.
    • It is most likely the same size as their Moto Pups motorcycles.
  • She is the third member of the team debut without a pup-pack following Tuck and Ella because she wasn't made a member of the PAW Patrol until the end of the movie.
    • This marks the second time that a character's pup-pack wasn’t shown.
  • She is the second pup to do a breakdance after Marshall.
  • Liberty's pup-tag is the color similar to Everest's pup-tag.
  • She is the reserve member of the team to go on the most missions during her debut.
  • Liberty finally first-deployed with Chase in "Liberty Makes a New Friend".
  • Liberty has been called into action 3 times.

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