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"Mighty Pups" is a special episode of PAW Patrol. It is the series' first 44-minute special episode and TV Movie.


In this high-flying, heroic mission, the PAW Patrol are given Mighty Pup powers after a mysterious meteor lands in Adventure Bay. When Mayor Humdinger and his nephew trap Ryder and steal the meteor to take over the city, the pups must work together and use their new powers–from Chase's super speed to Marshall's mighty heat, Rubble's super strength and more–to race to the rescue and save the day.



The sun is setting upon Adventure Bay as the PAW Patrol race to rescue Farmer Al from the top of his silo. Ryder deploys out on his ATV vehicle together with Chase in his police cruiser, Marshall in his fire truck and Skye in her copter from the PAW Patroller. They soon arrive at the barn to find Farmer Al clinging onto the silo roof with a big red balloon tied to his waist. Chase then assures him that they got everything under control and Ryder has Marshall climb his ladder to pop the balloon and Skye for air support. As soon as Farmer Al starts falling upon his popped balloon, Ryder quickly orders Chase to catch him using his net. With a small bounce, Farmer Al is saved, and he thanks them for the help. Ryder then says his usual catchphrase and heads back to the Lookout with the pups.

Meanwhile at Adventure Beach, Mayor Humdinger is preparing for his rocket launch to the moon to claim his title of "First-Mayor-On-The-Moon" with help from his nephew, Harold Humdinger. As he announces his plans to onlookers, Cap'n Turbot and Wally, he has Harold hurry up their plans to prevent the PAW Patrol from messing them up. However, as Harold explains that the rocket was capable of breaking through the Earth's atmosphere to Cap'n Turbot, he accidentally drops his laptop and launches the rocket up into space without his uncle. As Harold apologizes, he notices that the rocket misses the moon entirely and instead crashes into a travelling meteor, causing it to fall rapidly down into the Earth's atmosphere.

As the meteor falls, Jake and Everest set up their telescope to stargaze having chanced upon a perfect opportunity. As Jake peers into the telescope, he chances upon the meteor and notices that it was heading towards Adventure Bay. He gives Everest a look through the telescope and she concludes that it was a meteor. Without haste, she calls the PAW Patrol to warn them about it.

In the PAW Patroller, Ryder and the pups receive the call from Everest and upon the news of a meteor, the pups gasp in shock. Ryder immediately checks the data on the meteor and confirms that the meteor was going to hit Adventure Bay. He then decides to clear Adventure Bay away from the impact and has Everest to clear the beach while they clear the town area. The PAW Patrol once again races to the rescue before the meteor hit.

Back at Adventure Beach, Harold is making calculations on where the meteor would strike. As he calculates with algebra and pi, Cap'n Turbot notices the meteor heading towards them and ironically takes a picture of it to Wally's disbelief. Mayor Humdinger, upon hearing Cap'n Turbot's warning, flees the scene as Harold unknowingly continues his calculations.

The PAW Patrol soon arrive back at Adventure Bay and they all leave the PAW Patroller in their vehicles. Ryder then splits everyone into two teams to clear the various parts of Adventure Bay; Ryder, Zuma and Rubble in one, and Chase, Rocky, Skye and Marshall in the other. When Chase is asked to lead his team, he is hesitant about it at first, but is encouraged by Ryder. The teams then set out to clear Adventure Bay. As the meteor approaches Adventure Bay, the PAW Patrol warns everyone to take cover through the streets and sky. When Chase's area has been fully cleared, he calls Ryder to report in but soon notices Mayor Goodway chasing after a petrified Chickaletta. As he asks them to clear away, Chickaletta flies onto a nearby tree branch, Chase, with his quick thinking, uses his megaphone to convince Chickaletta to come down. However, the chicken clucks he made scares Chickaletta even more and makes her fly onto the top of City Hall. Chase then calls for help and is asked by Ryder to prepare his ball launcher. As Ryder rushes to their aid, the falling meteor passes the Lookout and causes it to gain a thunder-like aura and the ground around it to shake.

Ryder soon reaches Chase with corn treats and asks him to fill his ball launcher with them to lure Chickaletta down to safety. Chase then shoots the treats onto the roof and successfully lures Chickaletta down together with Ryder catching her from her descent. As Ryder catches Chickaletta, the oncoming meteor gets his attention and he immediately asks everyone to run for cover. As they hide, the meteor passes right above them and upon inspecting its direction, he alerts Everest on it hitting Adventure Beach and checks in on her status to ensure that everyone there had evacuated. As Everest gets the last remaining people off the sand, Cap'n Turbot, Wally and Harold still remain at their current spot. As Cap'n Turbot inspects the meteor, Everest passes by them, asking them to duck and they immediately evacuate, however, without Harold. As Harold continues his calculations, he turns back and upon viewing that the meteor was within his proximity, he quickly ducks to avoid the impact of the meteor.

Soon after, the meteor crash lands into Adventure Beach, with the sand cushioning its fall. Everest then reports in to tell Ryder that everyone was cleared and chances upon the fallen meteor. Shortly after, the PAW Patrol then begin spreading word that Adventure Bay was safe from the impact and everyone slowly came out from their cover. As they came out, Rocky then decides that they all check out the meteor and the pups all run towards it with excitement without a disappointed Chase. While Chase and Ryder walk slowly behind the running pups, Chase thanks Ryder for saving Chickaletta and also comments that he did not do a good job in leading his team. Ryder then encourages him to not give up and they both decide to check out the meteor. However, while Chase runs to join the pups, Ryder is stopped by Mayor Goodway for an interview on how he saved Chickaletta.

As he is being interviewed, Cap'n Turbot and Wally exclaim that they are safe, and Harold lets out an annoyed grunt. The pups soon reach the meteor and are amazed by the golden glow it was giving out. Rocky then questions why the meteor was glowing and is then answered by Harold where he mentions that it was the interaction of the Earth's atmosphere with 'Cosmic Stuff' (It is friction that causes the Meteor's glow). Out of the blue, the meteor suddenly radiates a strong surge of power and knocks the pups and Harold away from it. Upon the streak of bright light, Ryder, Mayor Goodway and the cameraman all come rushing towards them to check on them. As Ryder approaches the meteor to check on it, Chase comments that there was something weird about it and Rubble adds on, saying that it was still glowing. To their disbelief, the meteor ironically loses its glow. Mayor Goodway then decides to celebrate the occasion by placing the meteor in her city's City Hall and Ryder decides to lend a helping hand. However, he notices that it was too deep and asks Rubble to try digging it up. Rubble automatically agrees and begins digging down towards the meteor. However, his paws started glowing and he then began to dig vigorously. Shortly after, he sends the meteor flying up into the sky. As the pups take cover, Chase notices the meteor heading towards him and he runs for cover. However, he instead runs to the safety of a beach umbrella further away, and runs back to Rubble, bewildered. As Rubble and Chase question about what they did, Everest lets out a sneeze and freezes the meteor all over. Marshall is then amazed by the solid ice Everest made and reaches out to touch it. However, his paws start melting the ice to his disbelief. He then comments that the rock was too high a temperature to push but is assured by Zuma. However, as Zuma places his paws on the meteor, he releases a powerful jet of water, pushing the meteor forward and soaking Harold all over. As the meteor hurls towards Skye, she jumps to avoid it, but instead summons a wind tornado around her legs, letting her fly in the sky without her pup pack and her copter. However, as she flies gracefully around, she accidentally picks up the meteor with her wind powers and sends it flying before crashing into the sand, dizzy. Upon the weird things happening to the pups, Rocky comments that something weird was happening and when he raises his right paw, he creates super tools in the sky. However, the hammer he creates makes the meteor roll away towards City Hall. As the PAW Patrol watches it roll away, Harold releases his disapproval where he states that it was unfair that the pups all got superpowers but him. Ryder then questions on how the pups all got their powers where he is answered by Cap'n Turbot where he quotes that the meteor powered them up. Soon after, the ground around them begins to shake and the Lookout starts glowing. Zuma notices this and exclaims about it. As they all look at the glowing structure, the Lookout begins lifting up into the sky and stays floating in mid-air. The PAW Patrol then conclude that since the Lookout and them were the only ones hit by the meteor, they all gained super powers, and they run towards the meteor to aid in the moving. As they do so, Harold stomps away from them grumpily. However, to his surprise, as he wishes for rocket shoes, his hands start glowing and he begins to build a pair of rocket shoes with spare parts lying around the beach. He then lifts off into the sky with amazement but soon regrets it upon forgetting to place an off-switch.

Back at City Hall, Rubble lifts the meteor onto a globe mount in the middle of the building with little to no effort and they all comment on how beautiful the display is.

As they do so, Harold is back at Mayor Humdinger's lair explaining to the Kitten Catastrophe Crew and his uncle about his powers. He then builds a food-making robot to demonstrate but it fails to his dismay. However, upon looking at Harold's powers, Mayor Humdinger concludes that if he gets his hands on the meteor, he would also receive powers. Harold then decides to build a super vehicle to steal the meteor in City Hall together with his uncle.

The next morning, the Kitten Catastrophe Crew run out of their lair terrified from being run over by the Humdingers' new vehicle. The duo then head towards Adventure Bay towards City Hall. As they drive, Harold activates the tinted windows option on their vehicle to keep anonymous but is hindered from seeing properly. Even with Harold's horrible driving, they manage to crash into Mayor Goodway's tulips in front of City Hall and they soon begin extracting the meteor from its display. As soon as they retrieved the meteor, Mayor Goodway and Chickaletta notices it, as well as her damaged City Hall and crushed tulips and calls the PAW Patrol, panic stricken.

Upon the call from Mayor Goodway, Ryder summons the super pups to the Lookout. However, as the pups head towards the Lookout, Marshall and Rubble question on how they were going to do so since the Lookout was high up above them. Ryder then answers that he has built a Lookout launcher for them to reach the top. They soon have a fun jump up to the Lookout. However, Marshall has an "oopsie" on the launcher and crashes into the pups like his usual self. After cracking a joke, the pups all laugh as they rise up into the Lookout, with their new super outfits. As they reach the top, they are greeted by Ryder, who flies in from above using a jet-pack. When Rocky comments on it, Ryder comments that he has to keep up with them Mighty Pups. Chase overhears their new team name and readies the pups with a new catchphrase. Ryder then starts briefing them on the mission and deploys Skye to spot the meteor snatchers with her new “Wind Rider wings”, Chase to use his super speed to catch up to the getaway car using his drag chute to slow down, and the other pups to use their gear to save the day. Before they are deployed, Marshall asks on how they were going to go down the Lookout. Ryder then asks the pups to look out the Lookout window and to their surprise, the Lookout launcher transformed into a landing pad. The team then deploy down the slide simultaneously ready to tackle the meteor stealers with Ryder using his jet-packs.

As soon as they reach the ground, Ryder asks Skye to find the getaway car and she soon finds it without haste. After reporting in that it was heading towards Foggy Bottom, Ryder has a hunch that it may be the Humdingers and asks Chase to chase after it using his super speed. He does so immediately. As he ran, Mayor Humdinger is in the vehicle announcing the steps of their grand master plan. However, as he is about to announce another step, they are stopped by Chase with a warning. They instead use the vehicle's megaphone to convey their disapproval and accidentally reveal their identities. They then reverse the vehicle and start driving away with Ryder landing next to Chase. Chase concludes that the people in the vehicles were indeed the Humdingers and Ryder has Chase catch up to them once more. As he flies towards them, he has Rubble to use his super strength to build a road block. Upon pushing a log onto the road, he thought that it was not enough and hence brought an entire train to act as a road block. As the Humdingers avoid the road block, Mayor Humdinger orders Harold to stop the vehicle but he refuses to give up. As they approach Adventure Beach, Harold uses the vehicle's integrated Amphibious mode to transverse the sea's surface. Upon realizing that they were on water, Chase activates his drag chute to prevent him from running into the water. Ryder then has Zuma to use his surfboard and powers to create a giant wave, making the Humdingers reverse back into the bay. He then calls out Everest to freeze the vehicle as it falls, hindering their movement.

Inside the vehicle, Mayor Humdinger begs Harold to give up and ask for hot cocoa, however Harold is annoyed by his negativity and activates the laser option to melt the ice around them. They are successful in doing so and they soon begin driving back to Foggy Bottom. Ryder then has Skye to use her wind powers to turn the Humdingers' vehicle around and travels back to the Lookout to make a trap for the Humdingers.

After turning the Humdingers around, Mayor Humdinger evacuates Harold's vehicle much to Harold's annoyance. As he does so, Ryder is back at the Lookout and receives intel that the Humdingers were heading back to Adventure Bay. He then has Rocky use his energy tools to send them down the side street beside him, who uses his tools to create road signs out of a nearby log. After doing so, Ryder has Marshall melt the street under the vehicle to make it stop. As the vehicle approached, Marshall did so and made the wheels on the vehicle stuck, stopping Harold in his tracks. After reuniting with Marshall with Rubble and Zuma, Chase exclaims that Ryder was the best leader a pup could have, and they all agree. As Harold sulks in defeat, Mayor Goodway congratulates the pups on stopping the Humdingers in stealing the meteor. Ryder then asks Rubble to use his “Super Strong Claw” to bring the meteor back to City Hall and Chase to keep guard of Harold till Mayor Humdinger picks him up together with the other pups. Chase then questions Ryder on his decision commenting on his previous flaws, but is encouraged by Ryder, saying that a good leader never gives up and that he has faith in him. After more encouragement from Marshall and Zuma, Chase takes on the role while Ryder works out a plan to clean up the mess Harold made.

Back at the vehicle, Marshall asks Chase on how they should guard the vehicle. He answers that he would use his super speed to watch him and that he would never leave his eye, thus they should help Ryder by starting the clean-up of Adventure Bay. Mayor Goodway agrees with the plan and leads Marshall and Zuma towards her trampled tulips. As they leave, Chase tells Harold that he would not be out of his sight. However, Harold activates a rocket chair and escapes away to Chase's disbelief. Chase then runs towards the other pups to tell them the situation. As he does so, Harold flies onto the Lookout and decides to make it his new headquarters before getting the meteor. He then creates a super suit.

As he does so, Ryder checks on the pups and finds Marshall and the other pups pitching in on the clean-up instead of guarding the Humdingers' vehicle. As Ryder questions them further, Harold rides atop the Lookout in his new suit and "Magnetic Super-Suit Remover" to Ryder's surprise. He then activates the machine and removes all of Ryder's equipment, including his Pup-Pad. Before Chase could warn him to look out, Harold has already trapped Ryder in a bubble and sent him down the Lookout. As the pups question on what was happening, Harold exclaims that the Lookout was now his headquarters and Chase deploys the pups to the bottom of the Lookout.

As they do so, Ryder is pushed into his garage by Harold's machine and locked inside. He then finds a way to pop the bubble he is inside but finds out that he is stuck inside the garage. Knowing that the pups need him, he starts finding a way to contact Chase and gets an idea to make another Pup-pad.

Back at the bottom of the Lookout, Chase briefs the pups that they need to find a way up to the Lookout and rescue Ryder. However, when Skye asks Chase for a plan, he thinks through it and has Skye to fly up to spot Ryder. As she does so, he asks Everest to build an ice ramp so that they could all run up to the Lookout. With the ramp being built, Chase asks Marshall to go up ahead first. However, as he does so, his paws start melting the ice into a puddle. Chase then concludes that it was a bad plan and that they should have just used the launcher. He then has Rocky and Rubble go up to the Lookout using the launcher together after some hesitation. However, before they jumped, Chase makes a last-minute decision to join them and causes them to crash jump into the sky, bumping into Skye along the way. As they fell, Everest creates a snow pile for them to fall onto and they fall without any injury. Marshall then warms them up using his paws and melts the snow pile into a puddle. Chase then apologizes to the pups about his failed plan and is encouraged by them. However, he mentions that he does not have a plan B and suggests someone else to take charge. Rubble's stomach begin growling and as they all look at him, Rubble cracks a joke where his only plan was lunch. As the pups laugh, Chase stays disappointed.

Back up at the top of the Lookout, Harold is putting the finishing touches on his "Tractor Beam". As he places the final part, he begins to retrieve the meteor from City Hall. As he does so, Mayor Goodway exclaims that life is back to normal in Adventure Bay in-front of her tulips. She then sees a mysterious ray of light retrieving the meteor out of the building and takes it as normal. However, she then realizes it and the ray continues to lift the meteor until it breaks through the roof of City Hall. The meteor's ascent catches the eye of the pups and shocks them. Meanwhile, Harold successfully places the meteor inside the Lookout, but feels lonely talking to a rock. He then uses the "Tractor Beam" to pull Mayor Humdinger up to the Lookout while the Kitten Catastrophe Crew laze around.

Back at the garage, Ryder is testing out his pup-pad. It fails, but he does not give up. While he continues to fix up a Pup-pad, Mayor Humdinger is brought up to the Lookout while the pups stare in shock. As Everest exclaims that Harold now has the meteor and Mayor Humdinger, Zuma expresses his anger but accidentally sprays Marshall with a jet of water. Skye then comments that Ryder made Chase a leader for a reason and the pups all give him encouragement.

At the Lookout, Harold presents his uncle with the meteor and does a victory dance. Mayor Humdinger then asks him to tap into its power to give him powers and expresses his excitement. However, annoyed, Harold decides to be the mayor instead and lets Mayor Humdinger be the assistant mayor. He soon receives a call from Chase to let Ryder go and give the meteor back. He immediately disagrees and ends the call. As he dances again in victory, Mayor Humdinger comments that with the pups having powers, they may ruin Harold's plan. This makes Harold think up of a plan to round up the pups and decides to make a super machine using parts around Adventure Bay.

As Chase and the pups think of another plan, the silo top of Farmer Al's farm, as well as other metal parts all around Adventure Bay, are taken up to the Lookout using the "Tractor Beam". To hide his creation, Harold also attracts clouds to cover up his scheme. As he does so, the pups, Cap'n Turbot, Mayor Goodway and the Porters notice it. Chase then comments that if Ryder were there, he would know what to do. Marshall then adds that they needed to remove the cloud cover, giving the pups an idea. Skye then uses her "Wind Rider Wings" to fly up to the cloud cover and summons a tornado to blow the clouds away. To the pups shock, a giant robot was revealed.

Harold then asks Mayor Humdinger to lower him down via tractor beam and he destroys Mayor Goodway's tulips once again. Mayor Goodway gasps at her trampled tulips, and runs away together with the terrified bystanders. Harold then announces his plan to capture the pups, making Chase to ask everyone to run. As they run, Harold is having trouble moving his robot. He asks Mayor Humdinger to load it into the robot via tractor beam without the pups noticing. As he does so, he comments on how bossy Harold was and that he now understands how his Kitten Catastrophe Crew felt. Meanwhile, Ryder tests out a newly built Pup-pad. Although it does not work as intended, he hears the ongoing conversation between Harold and his uncle. Upon hearing their plan, Ryder is shocked, and while the meteor is being loaded up into the robot, the pups hide behind two beach umbrellas, with Chase thinking up a plan.

After tapping into the power of the meteor, Harold begins rounding the pups up. He find them behind the beach umbrella and despite the pups' efforts, all of them but Chase got captured. As Chase begins to feel disappointed, he is reminded by Ryder's words that a good leader never gives up. With his new found confidence, he climbs up Harold's robot and warns him that they were going to succeed. He then asks Marshall to use his paws to melt the nets trapping him, Zuma and Everest, and Rubble to use his super strength to break Rocky and Skye free. With newfound confidence in the pups, Chase boosted their morale and Harold becomes furious and takes the situation serious. Chase then asks Zuma to make a mini lake in-front of Harold and with his over-confidence, Harold belittles the puddle. However, Chase then asks Everest to freeze the puddle over and it causes Harold to lose balance and fall onto Mayor Goodway's tulips, again, to Mayor Goodway's dismay.

As Ryder overhears the conversation between the Humdingers, he concluded that he needed to find a way to let the pups know on taking out the meteor. As he finds a solution, Chase makes Harold chase him through the forest road. Harold misses Chase whenever he tries to catch him and when his over-sized helmet blinds him, Chase releases his drag chute and makes Harold run into a nearby cliffside. However, this makes the robot do a backflip and with the rocket boosters turned on, it causes him to fly through the air uncontrollably. He then passes the pups and bangs into the Lookout, making it rise into space due to the thrust of the robot's rockets. As it rose, the shaking of the structure releases Ryder from his garage and he runs out delighted.

As the Lookout flies further away from the ground, Chase comments that him and the pups must find a way to get to the Lookout or else they would not see Ryder again. He then thinks up of a plan where he has Skye to tow the pups up to the Lookout via Rocky's energy tool belt, and off they went towards the Lookout.

Upon reaching the Lookout, they hop off the tool belt and head inside to attempt going up the elevator. However, Mayor Humdinger chances upon them and turns it off, rendering it useless. Despite this, Chase finds another way through their difficulties and asks Marshall to use his bubble blaster to shut off the rockets on the robot. It shuts off for a moment but re-activates again. Chase then asks Zuma and Everest to create solid ice at both rockets and they do so immediately, causing the rockets to stop working. However, Harold presses a button and makes the rockets work again to the pups dismay.

Back at the bottom, Ryder starts climbing the pole he uses when he deploys the PAW Patrol for missions in hopes of calling the pups on the big screen.

As the Lookout exits the Earth's orbit, Chase concludes that they must remove the meteor from the robot for it to stop working, and that they must start finding where it is. The pups all start looking all over the robot as the clock ticked. As Mayor Humdinger mocks the pups over the big screen, Ryder gets atop the Lookout and orders the Humdingers to stop. Mayor Humdinger is surprised by Ryder's appearance and falls backwards, damaging the control panel for the big screen in the process. Ryder then brings down the Lookout's periscope and puts his torchlight at the view finder, hoping that it would lead Chase to the meteor.

As the pups try finding the meteor, Chase notices the PAW Patrol symbol being emitted from the Lookout's Periscope and the pups all follow it to where it shined to; the robot's backpack. Using Rubble's super strength, the backpack is opened and via Chase's guidance, Rocky uses his pup-pack's "Super-Vac" to suck the Meteor out and throw it overboard. This sends the meteor orbiting back to Earth. However, without a fuel source, it causes the rock-shipped Lookout to fall back into Earth. With quick thinking, Chase has Skye pick up all the pups from the Lookout and has her fly down quickly back to Adventure Bay. As they touch down on Adventure Beach, they chance upon the falling Lookout together with the other citizens of Adventure Bay. With no time to lose, Chase has Skye create a whirlwind to slow down the Lookout's fall. Chase then realizes that it was not enough to slow it down and thus creates a sand tornado by using his super speed to cushion its fall. The Lookout then lands safely onto Adventure Beach. As the impact creates a sand cloud around the pups, it makes them worried for Ryder and they began calling out to him. To their relief, Ryder is safe and Chase runs up to him with his super speed to embrace him though he knocked him over. The pups all celebrate on Ryder's safety and Ryder praises them, especially Chase for his leadership. They are then bombarded by loud cheers from the people of Adventure Bay for saving the day. As the cheers go on, Mayor Humdinger slides down the Lookout's slide and lands on the sand, dizzy. As for Harold, he is stuck upside down in his robot's head. The PAW Patrol laugh, and Chase assures him that they will let him down. Ryder then adds on that they would then have some cleaning up to do and Mayor Goodway passes Mayor Humdinger a pair of brooms to his annoyance.

Back at the Lookout's original spot, Rubble is busy placing the Lookout down but finds it hard to do so. However, the meteor soon loses its glow, causing Rubble to lose his super strength and fly off toward the PAW Patrol and Mayor Goodway. He then exclaims that he lost his powers and Skye performs a backflip to prove it, landing on the ground surprised. Cap'n Turbot then explains that it was Harold's robot that drained the meteor of its power and thus they have lost their powers. Rubble then asks on what they were going to do with the meteor and is recommended by Mayor Goodway for it to not be put in City Hall. Ryder then suggests that they put it in the Lookout's basement and Mayor Goodway agrees. She also thanks the PAW Patrol for saving the day and Ryder says his usual catchphrase. Meanwhile, Mayor Humdinger and Harold are busy cleaning up Adventure Beach, with much annoyance.

The PAW Patrol then bring the meteor to a containment unit in their storage facility underground and Chase exclaims that it was fun of them to have super powers. Ryder then comments that another day may come for them to get them back and asks whether the pups want Pup-Treats. They all agree in excitement and they all run towards the lift, as the meteor emits its final glow.

Pups in Action

Responders in saving Farmer Al

Skye small.png Skye

  • Use her copter as air support.

Marshall.png Marshall

  • Use his fire engine's ladder to climb up and pop the balloon that was tied to Farmer Al.

Pic-chase.png Chase

  • Use his net to catch Farmer Al.

First Responders

Skye small.png Skye

  • Use her "Wind Rider Rings" to spot the meteor snatchers.

Pic-chase.png Chase

  • Use his super speed to catch up to the getaway vehicle together with his new drag chute to slow him down.

Marshall.png Marshall+PAW Patrol Rubble Nick Asia.png Rubble+Paw rocky.png Rocky+Paw zuma.png Zuma+Everest Action Pose.png Everest

  • Use their new powers to save the day.

During Humdinger's battle

Pic-chase.png Chase

  • Take Command of the Mighty Pups

Marshall.png Marshall+PAW Patrol Rubble Nick Asia.png Rubble

  • Use their powers to Free the captured pups

Paw zuma.png Zuma+Everest Action Pose.png Everest

  • Disable Harold Humdinger.

Paw rocky.png Rocky+Skye small.png Skye

  • Use their powers to take the pups to the Lookout High above the atmosphere. Later back down to Earth

Paw zuma.png Zuma+Everest Action Pose.png Everest+Marshall.png Marshall

  • Use their powers to stop the Rockets.

Paw rocky.png Rocky+PAW Patrol Rubble Nick Asia.png Rubble

  • Use their powers and pup pack to get the meteor out of the Robot.

Pic-chase.png Chase+Skye small.png Skye

  • Create a whirlwind strong enough to cushion the Lookout's fall at the beach.
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Pups Save a Blimp | Pups Save the Chili Cook-Off | Pups Save a Teeny Penguin | Pups Save the Cat Show | Pups Save a Playful Dragon | Pups Save the Critters | Mission PAW: Quest for the Crown | Pups Save a Sleepover | Pups Save the Carnival | Pups Save Jake's Cake | Pups Save a Wild Ride | Mission PAW: Royally Spooked | Pups Save Monkey-dinger | Pups Save the Flying Food | Pups Save a Ferris Wheel | Pups Save a Sleepwalking Bear | Pups Save Dude Ranch Danny | Mission PAW: Pups Save the Royal Throne | Pups Save Big Hairy | Pups Save a Flying Kitty | Pups Party with Bats | Pups Save Sensei Yumi | Sea Patrol: Pups Save a Baby Octopus | Pups Save the Runaway Kitties | Pups Save Tiny Marshall | Pups Chill Out | Pups Save Farmer Alex | Sea Patrol: Pups Save a Shark | Sea Patrol: Pups Save the Pier | Pups Save a Space Rock | Pups Save a Good Mayor | Pups Save a City Kitty | Pups Save a Cloud Surfer | Sea Patrol: Pirate Pups to the Rescue | Pups Save the Mail | Pups Save a Frog Mayor | Pups Save the Runaway Turtles | Pups Save the Shivering Sheep | Sea Patrol: Pups Save a Frozen Flounder | Sea Patrol: Pups Save a Narwhal | Pups Save Luke Stars | Pups Save Chicken Day | Pups Save Francois the Penguin | Pups Save Daring Danny's Hippo | Pups Save Baby Humdinger | Pups Save a Piñata | Sea Patrol: Pups Save Puplantis
Pups Save the Kitty Rescue Crew | Pups Save an Ostrich | Pups Save Big Paw | Pups Save the Hum-Mover | Sea Patrol: Pups Save a Sunken Sloop | Sea Patrol: Pups Save a Wiggly Whale | Pups Save a High-Flying Skye | Pups Go for the Gold | Pups Save an Extreme Lunch | Pups Save a Cat Burglar | Sea Patrol: Pups Save the Flying Diving Bell | Sea Patrol: Pups Save a Soggy Farm | Pups Save the Butterflies | Pups Save an Underground Chicken | Pups Save the Bookmobile | Pups Save Heady Humdinger | Sea Patrol: Pups Save Their Pirated Sea Patroller | Pups Save the PawPaws | Pups Save a Popped Top | Ultimate Rescue: Pups Save the Royal Kitties | Pups Save the Snowshoeing Goodways | Pups Save a Duck Pond | Sea Patrol: Pups Save Tilly Turbot | Pups Save an Upset Elephant | Ultimate Rescue: Pups Save the Tigers | Rocky Saves Himself | Pups and the Mystery of the Driverless Snow Cat | Pups Save the Trick-or-Treaters | Pups Save an Out of Control Mini Patrol | Ultimate Rescue: Pups Save the Movie Monster | Mission PAW: Pups Save a Royal Concert | Mission PAW: Pups Save the Princess' Pals | Pups and the Werepuppy | Pups Save a Sleepwalking Mayor | Ultimate Rescue: Pups Save a Swamp Monster | Ultimate Rescue: Pups and the Hidden Golden Bones | Pups Save a Cuckoo Clock | Pups Save Ms. Marjorie's House | Pups Save Thanksgiving | Pups Save a Windy Bay | Pups Save a Frozen Camp Out | Pups Save the Fizzy Pickles | Pups Save a Pluck-O-Matic | Pups Save a Mascot | Ultimate Rescue: Pups Save a Runaway Stargazer | Pups Save Ace's Birthday Surprise | Pups Save a Tower of Pizza
Pups Save the Jungle Penguins | Pups Save a Freighter | Ultimate Rescue: Pups Stop a Meltdown | Ultimate Rescue: Pups and the Mystery of the Missing Cell Phones | Pups Save a Melon Festival | Pups Save a Cow | Pups Save the Honey | Pups Save Mayor Goodway's Purse | Ultimate Rescue: Pups Save the Mountain Climbers | Ultimate Rescue: Pups Save Captain Gordy | Pups and the Stinky Bubble Trouble | Pups Save the Baby Ostriches | Pups Save Gustavo's Guitar | Pups Save the Yoga Goats | Pups Save Bedtime | Pups Save Chickaletta's Egg | Mighty Pups, Super Paws: When Super Kitties Attack | Pups Save a Manatee | Pups Save Breakfast | Pups Save the Land Pirates | Pups Save the Birdwatching Turbots | Mighty Pups, Super Paws: Pups Meet the Mighty Twins | Pups Save a Freaky Pup-Day | Pups Save a Runaway Mayor | Pups Save a Bat Family | Pups Save a Mud Monster | Mighty Pups, Super Paws: Pups Save a Giant Chicken | Mighty Pups, Super Paws: Pups Stop Harold's Deep Freeze | Pups Save the Balloon Pups | Pups Save the Spider Spies | Pups Save the Bears | Pups Save a Farmerless Farm | Mighty Pups, Super Paws: Pups and the Big Twin Trick | Mighty Pups, Super Paws: Pups Save a Mega Mayor | Pups Save a White Wolf | Pups Save a Wrong Way Explorer | Pups Save the Squirrels | Pups Save a Roo | Mighty Pups, Charged Up: Pups vs. the Copycat | Pups Save a Humsquatch | Pups Stop a Far Flung Flying Disc | Pups Rescue a Rescuer | Pups Save the Phantom of the Frog Pond | Mighty Pups, Charged Up: Pups Stop a Big Bad Bot | Mighty Pups, Charged Up: Pups vs. the Dome | Ultimate Rescue: Pups Save the Opening Ceremonies | Ultimate Rescue: Pups Save the Adventure Bay Games | Pups Save a Tour Bus | Pups Save Midnight at the Museum
Mighty Pups, Charged Up: Pups Stop a Humdinger Horde | Mighty Pups, Charged Up: Pups Save a Mighty Lighthouse | Pups Save Election Day | Pups Save the Bubble Monkeys | Pups Save an Antarctic Martian | Pups Save the Maze Explorers | Mighty Pups, Charged Up: Pups vs. Three Super Baddies | Pups Save a Waiter Bot | Pups Stop a Pie-Clone | Dino Rescue: Pups and the Lost Dino Eggs | Dino Rescue: Pups Save a Pterodactyl | Dino Rescue: Pups and the Big Rumble | Dino Rescue: Pups Save a Hum-Dino | Dino Rescue: Pups Save a Sore Dino | Dino Rescue: Pups Save the Triceratops Tag-Alongs | Pups Save the Big Bad Bird Crew | Pups Save a Soapbox Derby | Pups Save the Skydivers | Pups Save the Cupcakes | Ultimate Rescue: Pups Save the Pupmobiles | Pups Save a Lost Gold Miner | Pups Save Uncle Otis from His Cabin | Pups Save a Rocket Roller Skater | Pups Save Ryder's Surprise | Pups Save the Marooned Mayors | Pups Save the Game Show | Pups Save the Chalk Art | Pups Save the Hot Potato | Pups Save a Bah Humdinger | Pups Save Little Hairy | Pups Save a Kooky Climber | Pups Save Queen Cluck-Cluck | Pups Save a Desert Flounder | Moto Pups: Pups vs. the Ruff-Ruff Pack | Pups Save a Trash-dinger | Pups Save the Royal Armor | Moto Pups: Pups Save the Donuts | Moto Pups: Pups Save the Kitties | Moto Pups: Pups Save a Moto Mayor | Moto Pups: Pups Save a Sneezy Chase | Moto Pups: Rescue at Twisty Top Mesa | Ultimate Rescue: Pups Stop a Junk-Monster | Pups Save the Whale Pod | Pups Save Thundermouth | Pups Save a Class Pet
Pups Save a Runaway Rooster | Pups Save a Snowbound Cow | Pups Save a Sweet Mayor | Pups Save a Magic Trick | Pups Save a Rubble-Double | Pups Save a Clown | Pups Stop the Cheetah | Pups Save the Mustache | Pups Save the Funhouse | Sea Patrol: Pups Save a Water Walker | Sea Patrol: Pups Save a Windsurfer | Pups Save the Hiding Elephants | Pups Save a Yodeler | Pups Save the Dizzy Dust Express | Pups Save the Treetop Trekkers | Pups Save the Treasure Cruise | Pups Save Rocket Ryder | Pups and Katie Stop the Barking Kitty Crew | Pups Save the Glasses | Pups vs. a Neon Humdinger | Pups Save a Royal Painting | Pups Save a Chicken Tulip | Pups Stop an Xtreme Shark | Pups Save a Show Jumper | Pups Save the Salmon | Pups vs. Ouchy Paws | Pups Save a Glow-in-the-Dark Party | Rescue Knights: Quest for the Dragon's Tooth | Pups Stop a Super Shaker | Pups Save a Flying Farmhouse | Pups Save a Box Fort | Pups Save Travelin' Travis from Really Big Bill! | Rescue Knights: Pups Save a Dozing Dragon | Rescue Knights: Pups Save a Tournament | Rescue Knights: Pups Save the Baby Dragons | Rescue Knights: Pups Break the Ice | Rescue Knights: Pups Save Excalibark | Dancing with Luke Stars | Pups Save a Mischievous Octopus | Pups Save the Kitties and the Kiddies | Pups Save a Greenhouse | Pups Save the Floating Goodways | Pups Save the Portable Pet Wash | Pups Save a Lonesome Walrus | Pups Save the Hummy Gummies
Liberty Makes a New Friend | Pups Save the Pup Pup Boogie Contest
NOTE: The following list of episodes are season 9 episodes that still have undiscovered premiere dates/production codes.

Pups Meet the Cat Pack | Cat Pack/PAW Patrol Rescue: Rocket Rescuers | Cat Pack/PAW Patrol Rescue: The Golden Lion Mask | Cat Pack/PAW Patrol Rescue: The Cat That Roared | Cat Pack/PAW Patrol Rescue: Saving the Safe | Pups Save a Humdinger Doll | Pups Save a Sand Sculpture Contest | Big Truck Pups: Pups Stop a Flood | Pups Save the Tooth Fairy | Pups Solve the Mystery of the Missing Paintings

To be announced.
Special episodes
Mighty Pups | Ready Race Rescue | Jet to the Rescue
Theatrical movies
PAW Patrol: The Movie
Abby Hatcher + PAW Patrol Team Up for the Rescue! | The Jim Gaffigan Show: Jim Gaffigan on Nickelodeon's hit show PAW Patrol | Rusty's One-of-a-Kind PAW Patrol Vehicle | PAW Patrol Original 5s: Charged Up: Pups vs. the Super Sonic Sound System | PAW Patrol Original 5s: Charged Up: Pups vs. a Copycat Marshall | PAW Patrol Original 5s: Charged Up: Pups vs. the Teenybots | PAW Patrol Original 5s: Charged Up: Pups vs. a Super Meow Meow | PAW Patrol Original 5s: Charged Up: Pups vs. a Teleporting Copycat | PAW Patrol Original 5s: Charged Up: Pups Save a Super-Powered Puplantis | PAW Patrol Original 5s: Dino Rescue: Pups Save a Tromping Triceratops | PAW Patrol Original 5s: Dino Rescue: Pups Save a Baby Stegosaurus | PAW Patrol Original 5s: Dino Rescue: Pups Save a Dino Christmas | PAW Patrol Original 5s: Dino Rescue: Pups Save a Pterodactyl Egg | PAW Patrol Original 5s: Dino Rescue: Pups Save the Baby Raptors | PAW Patrol Original 5s: Dino Rescue: Pups Save a Tyrannosaurus' Birthday | PAW Patrol Original 5s: Cat Pack/PAW Patrol Rescue: Rubble and Wild and a Yarn Ball! | PAW Patrol Original 5s: Cat Pack/PAW Patrol Rescue: Skye and Rory Flip It | PAW Patrol Original 5s: Cat Pack/PAW Patrol Rescue: Marshall, Leo and a Ferris Wheel | PAW Patrol Original 5s: Cat Pack/PAW Patrol Rescue: Everest, Shade and the Mountain Goat | PAW Patrol Original 5s: Pups Stop a Big Leak | PAW Patrol Original 5s: Pups Save a Baby Anteater | PAW Patrol Original 5s: Pups Save a Hatch Day | PAW Patrol Original 5s: Pups Save the Munchie Mobile