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"Mighty Pups, Charged Up: Pups vs. the Copycat" is the 21st episode in Season 6 of PAW Patrol.


The Mighty Pups get charged up to take on new super-baddie, the Copycat. It'll take all new powers and gear to take down their most formidable foe to date.



It all begins at Jake's mountain where Zuma, Rubble and Mayor Goodway are talking about the meteor shower tonight. Ryder commented that Marshall and Rocky is almost finish cleaning the telescope. Marshall then fall and accidently sprays Rocky with water. Rocky commented he's there for a meteor shower and not a water shower. Then a news van arrived and Hailey Daily and Mr. Nibbles got out of the van. Hailey then noticed the PAW Patrol and take the opportunity to report. Mayor Goodway and Cap'n Turbot. Hailey then tells them that she is there to report about the meteor shower. Cap'n Turbot tells her that they already have a meteor. Ryder then tells her that the meteor gives the Mighty Pups super powers. Hailey then commented that she covered the Mighty Pups, leaving Mr. Nibbles a scoff of disgust. Ryder then tells that the PAW Patrol has time to show her the meteor and Chase suggested that they can give her a tour at the Lookout which Hailey agreed.

Hailey then begins her report and managed to film the Meteor at the Lookout which Mr. Nibbles meowed with interest but then Chase sneezed and tell about his kitty allergy. Hailey then tells Mr. Nibbles and takes him to the news van to get a nap. Ryder then tells Hailey that he will start the tour from his workshop and make their way to the top which Hailey agreed. Unknown to the three of them, Mr. Nibbles sneaks out and heads to the Lookout's badge and tried to get the meteor, but he ended up scratching the meteor so hard that a fragment flies around and hits him on the head and the fragment lodge on his teeth and he glowed giving him superpowers. Mr. Nibbles is then noticed why his paw is glowing and gives him the power to talk and as he hopped around he falls and then his kitty paws glowed pink and saved himself creating a small tornado to cushion him from falling. Mr. Nibbles then asks himself what other skills he have, trying Chase's superspeed to run the next place he can test his power. He test's his powers on Chase's bowl, his paws glows red melting it and glows Orange pushing the bowl away. Mr. Nibbles is then amazed and then vows to show Hailey that he's mightier than the mighty pups then He zooms away. Meanwhile, Hailey is impressed at Ryder for showing his workshop and continues on her tour. Mr. Nibbles overheard that conversation and then says that he will build a bigger tower than the Lookout and Hailey will notice and create a story about him and he zooms away to put his plans to motion.

It is now sundown and Alex tells his grandfather to hurry up to head for the meteor shower. Copycat then arrived and noticed everyone is watching the meteor shower. Mr. Nibbles then starts his plan by grabbing a cup from the lemonade stand using his super powers including the City Hall roof and bell and Alex's tree fort. Mayor Humdinger along with the Kitten Catastrophe Crew has some plans to steal the tulips from the City Hall and then notices Mr. Nibbles getting some railroad tracks. Mayor Humdinger then commented why his kitties can't do that. Mayor Humdinger then decides to get a closer look. Mayor Humdinger asks what he is up to and Mr. Nibbles says he's building something. Mayor Humdinger then apologizes but then shocked that he can talk. Mr. Nibbles can talk and have super powers. Mayor Humdinger formally introduces himself and tries to ask Mr. Nibbles to help him steal some tulips and become his sidekick, but Mr. Nibbles refuses. Mayor Humdinger then asks what is he up to. Mr. Nibbles replies he will build a tower bigger than the PAW Patrol, but Mayor Humdinger then say that they are building the tower. Mayor Humdinger then asks Mr. Nibbles for his name, but gets mocked. Mayor Humdinger asked if he is a copycat, to which Mr. Nibbles renounces his pet name, becoming The Copycat.

The Mailman is waiting at the Train station for his deliveries but then noticed that the train tracks are missing. He then spots Copycat who carried the rails and zooms away with his super speed. The Mailman also noticed when the train begins to crash it will derail. And he picks up his phone to call the PAW Patrol.

At the Lookout, Ryder is giving Hailey a tour around the observatory area of the Lookout. When Ryder received the call the Mailman also tells him that it was super strong and speed can take it. Then Ryder pushes the meteor button from his pup-pad then begins to rally the Mighty Pups. During the briefing Ryder informs them that a super baddie is on the loose, which Chase and Rubble replied that they have the same powers as them. Ryder tasks Rubble to repair the rails, Rocky to help him and Chase to track the baddie down and they begin to deploy.

At the train station the pups did their job while Hailey begins to take a report. After they repaired the rails. Chase reported who steal stuff around Adventure Bay, and also has someone as fast as him. Skye then called and informed that the Copycat is building the Lookout causing Ryder and the pups to check it out.

Mayor Humdinger and the Copycat are at the Lookout. but Skye tried to stop them but the Copycat evaded Skye and Skye reported that the baddie is a cat. The Copycat is finished creating the tower taller than the Lookout. Mayor Humdinger commented how tall it is but lacks the meteor. So Copycat has a plan to get a meteor from the sky and Mayor Humdinger added that give him powers. The Copycat said perhaps and also commands Mayor Humdinger to guard the tower. Along the way Ryder and Chase intercepted him. Ryder then orders Chase to go after him while Ryder heads to the tower.

Mayor Goodway and Cap'n Turbot commented on how nice the meteor shower would be until The Copycat announces his plans that the people will never use the telescope and then steal it. Chase then arrived a little bit late and asks if the people see the super villain kitty. Alex then answered about it and Chase heads back to the Lookout.

The Copycat puts up the telescope and acts as a big rifle scope and then puts a magnet to get the meteor out of the sky. At the bottom Hailey reports about the Copycat's tower. Chase soon arrived on the scene, Ryder ordered Rocky to disable the magnet using energy tools but he was stopped by the Copycat. Ryder then summed up that Copycat has each power of the Mighty pups. The Copycat taunted them. And Ryder have a way to combat him.

Ryder gives the pups hover vehicles and plans to distract the Copycat and disable the meteor. Chase, Skye and Zuma distracts the Copycat. Mayor Humdinger then begins to become jealous since the pups have their new vehicles and Copycat figures him to defend the tower. Seeing this opportunity, Rubble, Marshall and Rocky heads up to disable them. The kitties try to warn Humdinger but did not pay attention. Skye then warned the Copycat about his plan but then The Copycat mocked her and then plans to become more powerful than the pups. Chase taunts him back causing the Copycat to look up and see the rest of them are sabotaging the meteor grabber. Just as then pups are almost done. The Copycat then sprays Marshall with water then envelop them inside a tornado causing them to fall back to the ground floor. The Copycat said that no one should stop him and the meteor draws ever closer.

Rubble asks Ryder what would they do. And then Rocky begin to lose hope. Ryder then tell them that they can beat them if they work together. Shockingly, Chase and Marshall bumped paws and felt a surge of energy. Chase then emits a sonic bark flying Ryder and Marshall can jump super high and said he never needed a ladder now then he has a idea to fight them back.

The Copycat is now excited that the meteor is almost coming but Mayor Humdinger added that it could be theirs. They laughed evilly until Marshall taunts the villains and Chase uses his sonic bark sending the meteor back into space. Frustrating the Copycat and Mayor Humdinger. Then Mayor Humdinger lamented that at least they have their tower. He jumped and then the tower rumbled and Mayor Humdinger commented that he could have super strength. The Copycat flies and bid farewell to "Foggy Boy" and then leaving them to fall to their deaths on a collapsing tower. Ryder then noted the situation and commands the pups to charge up. Skye and Rocky charged up and Rocky gained X-Ray vision and see that Mayor Humdinger and the kittens are still up there. Mayor Humdinger and the kittens lost their balance and head inside the giant lemonade cup. Skye then gain the ability to control the weather and then begins to balance the tower using a small storm and Ryder commends her. And Mayor Humdinger said that the tower is not strong enough to hold. Zuma and Rubble charged up and the Zuma emits an energy bubble and save Humdinger and the KCC and then Rubble does his wrecking ball to knock the tower into the cliff area effectively destroying it and caught the telescope at the same time. As Mayor Humdinger prepares to flee, he got caught by Hailey and then begins to tell what's his side of the story.

Back at the observatory, Mayor Humdinger and Cat Rocky fixed the telescope back in its place. The residents are in awe seeing the meteor while Hailey interviews Mayor Goodway and then gets a bit dumbfounded about the action back at the Lookout. Cap'n Turbot commented the Paw patrol. And Chase asked who is the Copycat and Ryder assured that it could never be the last time they see him. As Hailey heads back and noted a new awake Mr. Nibbles. She tells him that she heard the greatest story and tells him that it was too much for a cat. Unknown to her, Mr. Nibbles smiled as the meteor fragment is hidden in the form of a Gold Tooth.

Pups in Action

First Responders (1st Emergency)

PAW Patrol Rubble Nick Asia.png Rubble

  • Use his super strength to strengthen the rails.

Paw rocky.png Rocky

  • Use his energy tools to quickly put the tracks back together.

Pic-chase.png Chase

  • Use his super speed to search for the super baddie who did the damage.

Backup Responders (1st Emergency)

Skye small.png Skye

  • Find out what is being built next to the Lookout.

First Responders (2nd Emergency)

Pic-chase.png Chase+Paw zuma.png Zuma+Skye small.png Skye

  • Distract the Copycat.

Marshall.png Marshall+PAW Patrol Rubble Nick Asia.png Rubble+Paw rocky.png Rocky

  • Stop the meteor grabber.

First Responders (3rd Emergency)

Pic-chase.png Chase+Marshall.png Marshall

  • Redirect the meteor back into outer space.

Paw rocky.png Rocky

  • Spot who is on top of the tower.

Skye small.png Skye

  • Use storm powers to balance the tower.

Paw zuma.png Zuma

  • Use energy bubble to save Mayor Humdinger and the KCC from falling.

PAW Patrol Rubble Nick Asia.png Rubble

  • Use wrecking ball to destroy the tower that Copycat made.

DVD Inclusions

This episode appears in the following DVD(s):

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