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Otis Goodway is an older man who's Mayor Goodway's uncle. He debuted in "Pups Save a Goldrush".


Otis is the uncle of Mayor Goodway, and works as a gold prospector.

In "Pups Save a Goldrush", Otis is shown panning for gold but finds his pan has become worn out and rusted, forcing his niece, Chickaletta and the PAW Patrol to lead him a hand. However, Mayor Humdinger tricks them into letting him help, while secretly scheming to steal any gold they find. Eventually Chickaletta manages find a golden yellow rock she thinks is corn, which Otis identifies as a gold nugget giving him and the others hope they will find more nearby. However Mayor Humdinger steals all the gold in order to build a gold statue of himself. However the PAW Patrol manage to get it back and in honor of Chickaletta's discovery of the first nugget, the gold is used to create the golden Chickaletta statue.

In "Pups Go for the Gold", Uncle Otis makes friends with a local beaver he names Buddy after he assists Otis while he is prospecting for gold during the winter and they manage to locate a large gold nugget in the process, which Otis decides to deliver to Adventure Bay via an old minecart track, though unfortunately the minecart derails due to the rusted out tracks and goes off racing down the mountainside taking Otis and Buddy with it, though fortunately Jake and Everest are able to alert the PAW Patrol who manage to save them both along with the gold nugget. However as a result of the incident, he is reprimanded by Mayor Goodway, who tries to get him to give up prospecting due to the danger, however she forgives him when he breaks off a piece of the nugget to make a necklace for her and reveals he plans to use the rest of the nugget to fund repairs on the old minecart track.

In "Pups and the Werepuppy", Otis and the PAW Patrol have camp out near his cabin and Otis' tells them a scary story about pups turning into Werepuppies when they stand in water that is reflecting the full moon, which causes Rocky to dream about turning into a Werepuppy after washing his paws in the pond near Otis' cabin which was reflecting the full moon at the time. In his dream, Rocky travels to sunflower valley to restore himself to normal, though stops to assist Otis using his Werepuppy abilities after Otis becomes trapped in a bear's cave. Additionally, after his dream ends Rocky wakes up and manages to scare off a bear that had wondered into their campsite by howling, leading to Otis and the pups to thank him for saving them.

In "Ultimate Rescue: Pups Save a Runaway Stargazer", it is shown that Buddy has built a beaver dam near Otis' home and the old prospector is shown sharing his dinner with him, when Mayor Humdinger and the Kitten Catastrophe Crew accidentally crash the Adventure Bay Observatory that they had stolen from atop Jake's Mountain. However fortunately, Otis has an old model phone attached to a tree near the cabin and calls the local switchboard operator to connect him to the Lookout to get the PAW Patrol's help in rebuilding his demolished cabin. He and Buddy observe as Rubble leads the Ultimate Construction Rescue Crew in quickly rebuilding the cabin, which also leads to the PAW Patrol discovering the broken doornoob that fell off the Observatory as collided with the cabin, causing the PAW Patrol to realize the destruction of the cabin is related to the Observatory's disappearance.

In "Mighty Pups, Super Paws: Pups Meet the Mighty Twins", Otis Goodway finds a shiny rock which he uses to create another necklace for his niece who decides to use it as an ankle bracelet for the golden Chickaletta statue. Unfortunately, it is stolen by a female thief who calls herself the Ladybird instead of the statue as it was too heavy. However the rock Otis found is revealed to be another Mighty Meteorite fragment causing the Ladybird to gain the superpowers (flight and super strength), which allow her to steal various shiny things from Adventure Bay, such as the Chickaletta statue and Mayor Goodway's car (after it had been washed by the PAW Patrol) inadvertently kidnapping Chickaletta and Otis' niece Mayor Goodway in the process, though fortunately this also leads to Tuck and Ella being recruited by Ryder to become Adventure Bay's newest super pups, the Mighty Twins who manage to remove the necklace, causing the Ladybird to lose her newfound powers.


Otis, being elderly, often tends to confuse words due to his weakened hearing (eg. confusing "Ryder" as "spider") though it improves in episodes following his debut. He loves to search for gold nuggets as a hobby.


Otis Goodway has a dirty outfit; he wears a purple scarf, red squared long johns, blue overalls, brown boots and a hat broken on the sides. He has brown skin, eyes, white hair, beard, mustache and a sting on his face.


Here is a gallery of Otis Goodway's attires throughout the series.

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