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Here at the PAW Patrol Wiki, we have a chat room, like many other wikis. This chat room is used to discuss new episodes, stories, and anything PAW Patrol related. Like the Wiki itself, the chat room also has a few rules, which can be seen below.

  • Swearing is generally looked down upon by some. However, it is sometimes acceptable if not abused or constantly done. Swearing is not allowed if it is directed against another user. It is recommended that one asks if it is okay to do so.
  • Sexual, racist, or threatening remarks are not allowed.
  • Do not say anything that might make fun or bring down the PAW Patrol members. Same thing goes for users in the chat, moderators, admins, etc.
  • Spamming is not allowed in the chat room.
  • Please don't directly ask to become a chat moderator. It is up to the administrators to decide if one is worthy for the position.
  • Roleplaying isn't allowed in the public chat, but it is acceptable in private messages with someone else.
  • Disrespecting an administrator will result in a kick or ban, depending on the severity.
  • Advertising without permission isn't allowed. (eg. "Come join our chat on the example Wiki!" will result in a kick)

If you have any problems, please contact one of the following chat moderators:


If you fail to follow these rules, the following may happen based on the severity of the situation:

  • 1. You will receive a warning from one of our chat moderators.
  • 2. The second time, you will be kicked from the chat by a moderator. You can come back after you're kicked if you promise to not do what you did again.
  • 3. The third time, you will be kicked again and will receive a final warning.
  • 4. If you persist on not being a "good pup" after all your warnings, you will be permanently banned from the chat, and you may be blocked from the Wiki all together depending on the situation.

If a moderator detects that you're breaking rules on purpose, warnings will be forsaken and a ban will be made immediately.

If you follow the rules and don't cause any trouble, you won't have to suffer any consequences. Have a fun time on the chat!

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