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In the event that I, SirBlaze (the primary administrator) become unavailable to manage the PAW Patrol Wiki for a long period of time, or retire, for any reason, Tbrays30 will become the temporary or new head admin, depending on the situation. If Tbrays30 is unavailable for the position, or if he declines the position, TopBanter will take the position instead. Pablor is also trusted to take full responsibility of the wiki along with whoever becomes the temporary head admin. More admins and users have been considered for this position but are not listed here. If Pablor is unable to assume the duty, Afrojack29 and/or MarshallsiAnjingBomba will also be eligible to assume this duty, depending on who is available and willing to undertake the responsibility and devote the time to manage this wiki.

This plan shall only be enacted if I, SirBlaze am unavailable through any form of contact whatsoever for two to three weeks after my last contribution. If my activity on the wiki weakens for such periods of time, but another administrator is able to contact me through another source, the plan shall not be enacted as I am still paying attention towards the welfare and status of the wiki. Even if I don’t edit pages or do very little for a while, I am still here and overseeing the wiki. This emergency plan is if I completely disappear and can not be contacted. I have additional different plans in case of if I need to take leave for any reason, or if I decide to retire at some point in my life. The latter is unlikely and would only take place if I became physically unable to take care of this wiki.

My love for the PAW Patrol Wiki is like the love one would have for their own child. I’ve built a large portion of this wiki from the ground up, and I only want the best for it, its amazingly intelligent administration, our loving and caring editors, and even the people who simply click on a page to read something, and those who may make just two edits and never come back.

I’ve written this plan with the blood of my heart so that this wiki will always thrive and be in good hands (or "paws"), and I believe with all good intention in my heart that I have selected the absolute best people to handle this treasure of mine in case I ever have to leave it. I may be seen as strict by some, but I run this wiki the way I do so it can always be what it always has been: the largest and best encyclopedia and source for PAW Patrol information on the internet.

My electronic signature is displayed below to serve as proof and confirmation of this plan should it ever be enacted.

Sir Blaze, editor of FANDOM 03:16, November 27, 2018 (UTC)

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