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On the PAW Patrol Wiki, we have thousands of images relating to characters, locations, episodes, toys and more. If you decide to help us by uploading pictures, please ensure that they follow these guidelines:

  • Screenshots from episodes must not be taken with a camera. (eg. taking a picture of your television while "Pups in a Fog" is playing)
PAW Patrol I cuccioli salvano un matrimonio LQ

  • It is preferred that, if an episode screenshot was taken from a 4:3 aspect ratio airing of an episode (such as an airing from the standard definition feed of Nickelodeon), episode screenshots are cropped before posting (this is only if there are "black bars" on the sides).
Example (before cropping a 4:3 screenshot)

Example (after cropping a 4:3 screenshot):

  • Episode screenshots are preferred to be in high definition/16:9 aspect ratio, if available.
PAW Patrol Pups Save Friendship Day Scene 4

  • Episode screenshots containing large watermarks (text that overlays the image) aren't allowed. However, an exception to this rule is made for screenshots taken from KissCartoon files and screenshots taken from Nickelodeon or TVO Kids. If a screenshot contains a screen bug (on-screen logo during broadcast airings), such as the Nickelodeon logo or the TVOKids logo, it is acceptable.
Watermark Example

  • For episode image galleries, combined images (such as 4 screenshots compiled into one image) won’t be accepted unless they come from an official source promoting it such as PAW Patrol's Facebook page.

  • Files that are downloaded from certain sources such as Facebook have filenames consisting of several numbers or otherwise gibberish. If possible, please change the filename of the image to something descriptive such as "Marshall falls in the elevator" or a name of organization such as "Pups Save the Treats 1" before adding it to the wiki. This way, files such as those will be more easily located.

  • Although the majority of our episode image galleries don’t currently meet this standard, it is preferred every screenshot in the main gallery be placed in order of occurrence in the episode, regardless of the amount of said screenshots. This is not currently required.

  • Captions for images are allowed, but aren't required. Please ensure the caption accurately describes the image. Captions such as "Look at how cute they are!!!" and "Funny screenshot" are unacceptable as they are unprofessional. Captions should be descriptive of what's going on within it, such as "Ryder instructs Chase to use his net."

  • Images that break our guidelines will be removed very quickly. This includes any kind of inappropriate pictures or unrelated pictures. Unrelated images are okay as long as they are only on your profile page.

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