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The PAW Patroller is a mobile, 18-wheeler vehicle version of the Lookout. It made its first appearance in "The New Pup". The vehicle number is 08.


The roof of the PAW Patroller is bright red, while the main body has light and dark gray portions. There is a wide stripe of bright blue just under the roof. The wheel wells are teal and there is a tiny strip of yellow separating it from the gray. Located on the roof, there are four large lights on the front side of the vehicle. The side prominently displays the PAW Patrol logo, while a smaller logo appears on the front. Like Ryder's ATV and the pups' vehicles, the PAW Patroller is numbered as well. It has a large "08" on the sides to designate it as a vehicle of the team's motor pool. The vehicle has many features of the Lookout and is designed to operate in locations far from Adventure Bay. The PAW Patroller is driven by Robo-Dog.

On the inside of the vehicle, there are two sets of blue seats for the pups to sit in. In the back, there is a rotating platform that contains all the pups' vehicles (except for Everest's). There is a window above this platform that allows Skye to fly out with her helicopter when needed. A door in the back can also be opened when a pup has its vehicle. When Ryder uses his ATV, there is a slide-out platform that allows him to exit the PAW Patroller. When Ryder calls the pups for action, there is a sliding door mechanism that opens when stationary to allow the pups inside. A large screen (which is two separate screens that slide into one) is also featured to give pups a visual aspect of the current emergency. Finally, there are two seats in the front for Ryder and Robo-Dog to sit in. Ryder uses voice commands to direct Robo-Dog where to drive.

In "Pups Stop the Cheetah", Chase and Ryder developed a newer version of the PAW Patroller, which was utilized after the original was stolen and later lost by The Cheetah. The vehicle's trailer is now connected more like an actual fifth-wheel connection, though the trailer section is still attached to the cab by corridors. As a result, the new PAW Patroller only has 4 axles instead of the original's 6. The design is also much more futuristic, and the PAW Patrol vehicles now deploy out of the sides via elevating and extending platforms. Ryder, however, still uses the rear hatch.

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PAW Patroller (Toy)

In late 2015, a toy version of the PAW Patroller was released by Spin Master. This toy can hold 6 vehicles and is shipped with a Ryder figure and his ATV.

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