For the episode, see Pup Pup Boogie.
For the song which the game plays, see Pup Pup Boogie (song).

Pup Pup Boogie is the PAW Patrol's favorite video game. It is a dance game where you follow the moves and memorize them. In the episode "Pup Pup Boogie", a new updated version arrives. It has better picture details, a point bar, and extra dancing.

About the Game

Pup Pup Boogie is a dancing game. To play it, you must memorize the moves and dance them in the right order and rhyme. There is a move called the "tail spin" that, as suggested, involves the player to spin on their tail for a certain amount of time. If you get the moves right, you get a star and five stars fills the bar a little. When the bar is full, you move on to the next level. But, if you get the moves wrong, you'll hear a duck quack and get a red X, and five X's lowers the bar.

The game is able to show an icon of its player. As you continue to make more mistakes within the pattern of moves, you can see its face getting sad. if the icon of the player gets sadder, it might start crying, and a crying player icon means game over. In "Pups Save a Wild Ride", the newest additions are the "I Do, You Do" bracelets, special bracelets that allow one wearer to copy the other wearer's dance move.



  • The Tail Spin is one of Marshall's favorite moves.
  • This was most likely inspired by the game "Dance Dance Revolution" being both games are rhythm based games that are played on a dance pad.
  • The score system in the game was inspired from the popular worldwide game series "Just Dance".
    • In the Just Dance side series, Just Dance Kids, there are some Nick Jr. songs in their games.
    • Same applies with the V2.0 version of the Pup Pup Boogie's character at the of each board, which is also in the Just Dance series.
  • Everest is not a huge fan of Pup Pup Boogie but gets used to it after a while of Skye helping her with the "I do, You do" bracelets.
    • The pups wearing the bracelets is a clear reference to the Wii remote warning at every start up on Wii games to keep the strap on at all times.
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