Pups Save a Space Toy

PAW Patrol 319B Scene 28 Marshall


  • Marshall: "So, you like your new beach chair, Mr. Squeaking Beam?"
  • (He touches the space toy and it makes a sound.)
  • Marshall: "That means, 'Sure do. Thanks, Marshall!'"

  • Cap'n Turbot: "It remarkably reassembles a relic from the Rombazoid galaxy!"
  • Marshall: "I just call it Mr. Squeaking Beam."

  • Marshall: (after a mishap) "Sorry, Mr. Squeaking Beam. Gravity takes some getting used to."

  • (Farmer Al shows up on the screen.)
  • Rubble: "Hey! That alien looks a lot like Farmer Al!"
  • Farmer Al: "Um, it is me, Rubble."

  • Marshall: "I'm fired up! And so is Mr. Squeaking Beam."

  • Zuma: "I'm on it! On the grass, that is."

  • Ryder: "I know it was hard to give up the toy, Marshall, but I'm sure you made a little space alien really happy."

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