Pups Save the Bay



  • Rocky: "Hey Ryder, what's up?"
  • Ryder: "Hey Rocky, I'm tuning up my ATV."
  • Rocky: "Need a pup to lend you a paw?"

  • Cap'n Turbot: "Boy, oh, boy! Keeping track of how many whales are in Adventure Bay sure is tough. They keep swimming away! How do you say, 'come back so I can count you' in whale talk? Oh, here it is." (Imitates a whale)

  • Marshall: "I guess I should make a joke about being clumsy."

  • Ryder: "Wow, Rocky. You got a ton of towels."
  • Zuma: "Yeah, dude. You scored."
  • Rocky: "All the pups worked together."

  • Marshall (after falling from the ladder): "I guess I needed a rinse, too."

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