For the book, see Pups Save the Day!.

Pups Save the Day

Pups Save The Day

Pups Save the Day is a playable PAW Patrol game located on Nick Jr.'s website. It can be played here.


Do you want to help the PAW Patrol save the day? Now's your chance. Help the pups on three rescues in this fun game.

Playable Characters

How to Play

You'll have to control the pups' vehicles, so they can rescue their friends. Use the left and right arrows to move the vehicle between the lanes, waves, or windway. Make sure to collect the Pup-Treats and watch out for obstacles, they can cause a spin-out or slow the vehicle down. Jump over ledges or go into a loop-de-loop to get an extra treat, and find speed boosts to get more treats and go faster. Remember to collect 5 badges along the way for a Super-speed boost; it's the only way to complete the rescue. To activate, press the space bar and collect as many treats as you can. Then press the space bar to complete the rescue.


There are three rescues. Before the pups can do them, they have to know which two pups can go on the rescue. Listen to Ryder's clues and pick the pup that matches the description.

Pups Get a Brake

Alex was riding his Supertrike, but the brakes broke. Now he's speeding out of control all over Adventure Bay. It's up to the PAW Patrol to rescue him. While Rocky finds something to fix the breaks, help Chase catch up to Alex, so he can use his net to stop the Supertrike. Avoid the feathers, for they make Chase sneeze, and avoid puddles, or he'll spin out. At the end, use the space bar to activate Chase's net and catch Alex's Supertrike. Afterward, Rocky will fix it.

Pups Save Cali

Cali is on a toyboat and she's heading out to sea. The PAW Patrol must save her fast. Rubble will use his rig to find a way to slow Cali down, and Zuma must ride over the bay's waves to catch her, and he needs your help. Watch out for Wally, buoys, and whirlpools. At the end, use the space bar to activate Zuma's buoy and stop Cali's toyboat. This part of the game is quite similar to the episode "Pups and the Kitty-tastrophe".

Pups in the Air

Mayor Goodway and Chickaletta are in their hot air balloon, and they don't know how to land. Marshall can use his ladder to get them down, but they are too high. Skye must catch up to their balloon in her helicopter, and she needs your help to fly. Watch out for eagles and storm clouds. At the end, use the space bar to activate Skye's hook, so she can lower the balloon to the reach of Marshall's ladder.