This article is a transcript of the PAW Patrol episode "Pups Save the Sea Turtles" from Season 1, which premiered on August 20, 2013 in the United States and on August 27, 2013 in Canada.

00:00:56 Rocky: Look, Zuma, I'm a total kite-surfing pro.
00:00:59 Zuma: Maybe not total, Rocky.
00:01:01 Katie: (Laughing) It might be more fun if you actually get into the water, Rocky.
00:01:05 Rocky: And get wet? Nuh-uh. I'm more of a dry-land surfer.
00:01:10 Alex: Watch out!
00:01:12 Alex: Excuse me. Sorry.
00:01:14 Rocky: Whoa! Whoa!
00:01:21 Everyone: (Laughing)
00:01:23 Alex: Oh, hey, Rocky. Want to come out and play volleyball with me? (Grunting)
00:01:28 Zuma: Nice serve.
00:01:29 (Sound): (Car horn honking)
00:01:31 Katie: Wait, Alex!
00:01:32 Zuma and Rocky: (Barking)
00:01:37 Katie: Look both ways before you cross the road.
00:01:40 (Sound): (Car horn honking)
00:01:42 Rocky: Okay.
00:01:45 Zuma: Ball, ball, ball.
00:01:47 Rocky: (Sniffing) Hold on. I smell something.
00:01:52 Zuma: (Barking)
00:01:54 (Sound): (Scratching)
00:01:56 Zuma: Sounds like something's scratching in there.
00:01:59 Rocky and Zuma: (Gasping)
00:02:00 Sea turtle: (Cheeping)
00:02:04 Zuma: Whoa. A baby sea turtle.
00:02:07 (Sound): (Scratching)
00:02:08 Zuma: Huh?
00:02:09 Alex: (Laughing)
00:02:10 Katie: Aww, how cute.
00:02:12 (Sound): (Scratching)
00:02:14 Sea turtle: (Cheeping)
00:02:15 Zuma: (Laughing)
00:02:17 Alex: Wow, super mini dinosaurs. Cool.
00:02:20 Katie: Careful. We don't want to accidentally step on them.
00:02:27 Katie: Aww.
00:02:28 Alex: (Laughing)
00:02:29 Katie: Alex!
00:02:31 Alex: Whoops. I'm going to fall!
00:02:37 Alex: I'm good.
00:02:40 Alex: There's my ball. (Laughing)
00:02:44 Rocky: I'm worried about these turtles getting stepped on.
00:02:47 Katie: I'm more worried about them getting out to the water. Especially with that road and all the hungry seagulls around here.
00:02:54 Seagull: (Squawking)
00:02:56 Zuma: How can we help these little dudes get across the road?
00:02:59 Katie: We shouldn't carry or even touch the turtles. They need another way to the water. I know! You pups go get Ryder, and I'll keep an eye on the turtles.
00:03:08 Alex: Whoo-hoo! Yay!
00:03:11 Katie: (Laughing) And Alex.
00:03:12 Everyone: (Laughing)
00:03:14 (Music):
00:03:24 Ryder: Okay, Marshall, enough water.
00:03:26 Marshall: What's that, Ryder?
00:03:28 Rubble: Whoa! Turn off the water!
00:03:31 Ryder: Marshall!
00:03:33 Marshall: Oops. (Barking) Sorry, Rubble.
00:03:36 Rubble: Brr! (Spitting) Thanks, but my bath day was yesterday.
00:03:42 Rocky and Zuma: (Howling, barking)
00:03:46 Zuma: Ryder, trouble at the beach.
00:03:49 Marshall: Trouble? (Barking)
00:03:50 Rubble: Whoa!
00:03:54 Marshall: Oops. Sorry, Rubble.
00:03:56 Rocky: Ryder, baby sea turtles hatching at the beach.
00:03:59 Zuma: We got to save them from the scooters and cars and seagulls and stuff.
00:04:03 Ryder: Let's go, PAW Patrol. No job is too big, no pup is too small.
00:04:09 Chase and Skye: (Laughing)
00:04:13 Chase: (Grunting)
00:04:14 Ryder: PAW Patrol, to the Lookout!
00:04:16 Chase: Ryder needs us!
00:04:17 Skye: Let's go!
00:04:18 Chase: (Howling)
00:04:20 Pups: (Barking)
00:04:28 Marshall: Whoa! Ow!
00:04:33 Marshall: Made it.
00:04:36 (Music):
00:04:46 (Sound): (Elevator dinging)
00:04:51 Chase: Ready for action, Ryder, sir!
00:04:53 Ryder: PAW Patrol, there's a bunch of baby turtles that need our help.
00:04:59 Ryder: They've just hatched, and they need to get to the water without getting run over by bikes, scooters, skateboards or cars.
00:05:08 Ryder: Chase, I need you to direct traffic so the turtles can safely cross.
00:05:14 Chase: These paws uphold the laws!
00:05:18 Ryder: Rubble, we need to build some way for the turtles to get to the water without crossing the road.
00:05:24 Rubble: Rubble on the double!
00:05:26 Ryder: All right! PAW Patrol is on a roll!
00:05:29 Pups: (Barking, howling)
00:05:31 (Music): ♪ (Deployment sequence for Chase and Rubble)
00:06:37 Seagulls (Squawking)
00:06:39 Alex and Katie: Shoo, shoo!
00:06:44 Ryder: Shoo, shoo! Sorry, guys. No turtle pecking for you today.
00:06:50 Ryder: Turtles on the road! Chase, the cars!
00:06:54 Chase: Chase is on the case!
00:06:59 Chase: (Barking) Sorry about the detour. This is an emergency turtle-crossing zone.
00:07:09 Chase: (Gasping)
00:07:19 Chase: That's it, turtles. Stay together. Keep it moving.
00:07:23 Alex: Why did the turtles build their nest all the way over here?
00:07:27 Katie: Turtles usually nest in the same place every year. They must have built nests here even before there was a road.
00:07:33 Ryder: Or maybe the turtles went through this grate, under the road, and came out here through this tunnel. Now it's all filled up with sand. Can you clear that, Rubble?
00:07:45 Rubble: Does a belly scratcher make me flop on my back and wriggle like a worm? You know it does. (Barking)
00:07:56 Ryder: Once the tunnel reopens, the turtles will never have to cross the road again.
00:08:02 Rubble: Let's dig it!
00:08:07 Alex: Oh, no! A storm! The ship is going over!
00:08:15 Alex: Uh-oh. What are these turtles doing down here by the water?
00:08:25 Alex: Look, I saved them.
00:08:27 Katie: Why'd you bring the turtles back here?
00:08:29 Alex: They were going into the water.
00:08:32 Ryder: That's where they belong.
00:08:34 Alex: In the water?
00:08:35 Ryder: Yup. Sea turtles spend most of their lives in the water. That's why we're digging them a tunnel under the road, so they can get there safely.
00:08:44 Alex: Oh. I'd better put them back, then.
00:08:47 Ryder: Wait, Alex. Remember what Katie said? Handling the turtles is bad for them. No person or pup should touch them. They'll make it back on their own.
00:08:56 Alex: Go, little turtles! Go!
00:09:00 Rubble: (Barking)
00:09:04 Rubble: Ugh, that opening's too small for my rig.
00:09:08 Marshall: Then we can't finish the tunnel?
00:09:10 Rubble: I said my rig can't go through. I didn't say anything about me. (Barking)
00:09:18 (Music):
00:09:26 Alex: Go away, seagull!
00:09:27 Seagulls: (Squawking)
00:09:30 Alex: Cool. Zuma's kite surfy thing.
00:09:36 Alex: Alex Porter, kite surfy thing champion!
00:09:44 Alex: Whoa! Cool! I'm flying. Uh-oh.
00:09:52 Alex: Help! I'm flying!
00:09:55 Katie: Alex?
00:09:56 Alex: Whoa!
00:09:59 Ryder: Don't worry! We'll get you, Alex! (Whistling) Skye, this one's for you!
00:10:04 Skye: I'm on it! (Barking)
00:10:09 Skye: This pup's gotta fly!
00:10:13 Alex: Whoa!
00:10:15 Skye: Alex, steer to the beach.
00:10:18 Alex: But I don't have a steering wheel!
00:10:21 Chase: Poor Skye. (Whimpers) I can't watch!
00:10:28 Ryder: Atta pup. I knew she'd do it.
00:10:30 Katie: Yay!
00:10:31 Everyone: Yay, Skye! Hooray! Whoo-hoo!
00:10:33 Alex: (Quietly) That's what I'm talking about.
00:10:35 Alex: (Laughing)
00:10:37 Skye: (Barking)
00:10:43 Ryder: Yay, Skye!
00:10:44 Everyone: (Cheering)
00:10:53 Alex: Yeah. Thanks a gazillion, Skye.
00:10:56 Skye: You're welcome. Just doing my job. Right there, that's it. (Panting)
00:11:03 Ryder: Rubble, you're through. Great job. Now the turtles will have a safe path to the bay for years and years.
00:11:10 Marshall: Hey, look.
00:11:13 Katie: They're using the tunnel. I knew you could do it.
00:11:17 Ryder: Whenever there's trouble, just yelp for help.
00:11:19 Pups: Yay! (Barking)
00:11:22 Ryder: You pups totally deserve some beach time.
00:11:25 Singers: ♪ You're all good pups ♪
00:11:28 Singers: ♪ And we saved the day ♪
00:11:30 Alex: (Groaning)
00:11:31 Singers: ♪ And now it's time to play around Adventure Bay ♪
00:11:34 Ryder: What's wrong, Alex?
00:11:36 Alex: There's something in my pocket!
00:11:40 Alex: And, ow, is he ever crabby. Ouch!
00:11:44 Everyone: (Laughing)
00:11:46 Rubble: Now that's funny!
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