Pups and the Stinky Bubble Trouble

Stinky Bubble Trouble 15


  • Ryder: "No jungle is too stinky, no pup is too small."

  • Marshall: (after a mishap) "And just when I was on a roll."

  • Chase: "Ryder, they stopped running. Now they're singing... sort of."

  • Marshall: "Looks like your leg will be fine, monkey buddy. It just needs a little bandage."
  • (The stink comes back again.)
  • Tracker: "Yuck! I wish you could bandage our noses."

  • (The stink bubble pops and the stink sprays.)
  • Tracker: "Este olor es muy malo."
  • Carlos: "You're right, Tracker. It does smell really bad."

  • (Rocky and Zuma send the big bubble up to the sky.)
  • Rocky: "Bye, bubble!"
  • Zuma: "See ya! Don't wanna smell ya!"

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