Pups and the Stinky Bubble Trouble

Stinky Bubble Trouble 27


  • Rubble is the only one of the six main pups who does not wear his safari suit while doing the photo-shoot with the animals.
    • This could be an error since Rubble is wearing his safari suit during the briefing.


  • When Tracker is driving along with Carlos, he is without his pup-pack. Once they go to see the injured monkey, he is with his pup-pack.
    • The same error occurs later when Tracker, Carlos, and Ryder head into the swamp.
  • Chase chases the group of animals without his pup-pack. Once he wants to stop the group, he is with his pup-pack to deploy the megaphone.
  • Skye has no pup-pack while she is in the air. Few scenes later, she is with her pup-pack.
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