Rubble has the following toys of himself and his digger:


Rubble's Diggin' Bulldozer

Rubble's Jungle Bulldozer

Super Pup Rubble's Crane

Rubble's Mini Miner

Rubble's Steam Roller

Lights and Sounds Vehicle

Post Office Rescue playset + Fuzzy figure

Rescue Racers


Rubble & Sea Turtles Rescue Set

Winter Rescue Figure Set (with Chase) (Target Exclusive)

Pup Fu Rubble & Kitty Rescue Set

Blind Bag Figure

My Busy Books Figure

Action Pack Pups Rubble ($6.99)

All-Stars Action Pack figure

Plush Toys

Build-a-Bear Workshop Rubble + accesories

Keychain plushie

Real Talking Plush Rubble ($24.99)

  • Phrases:
    • "Ryder needs us!"
    • "Rubble on the Double!"
    • "Arf arf arf arf arf!"
    • "Let's dig it!"
    • "Arf, arf, aoooo!"
    • "I'm a construction pup!"

Pup Pals Rubble

Bath Toys

Bath Squirter

Paddlin' Pup


Ionix Jr. Set

Weebles toy