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  • Ryder is 10 years old, making him the oldest (main) member of the PAW Patrol.
  • Ryder is the only human character to appear in every episode of the series.
  • His names comes from the word rider, which is pronounced the same, because he rides a vehicle.
  • Ryder hates brussels sprouts, even to the point of having nightmares about them, as revealed in "Pups Save a Toof".
  • Ryder can play the harmonica, as seen in "Pups Save a Hoedown".
  • Ryder's parents have never been seen, heard or mentioned.
  • Ryder is the fourth member of the PAW Patrol that has needed help from the pups, behind Marshall ("Pups Fight Fire"), Rubble ("Pups Save a Super Pup"), and Rocky ("Pups Save the Easter Egg Hunt").
  • He is the third character to receive a new voice actor replacement; the first being Marshall and the second being Chase.
  • His voice sounded higher in Season 2, even though his voice actor was the same until "Pups Save a Stowaway".
  • Ryder performed a rescue mission for the first time in "Air Pups".
  • Ryder is a very patient person when dealing with many situations, mainly when dealing with Mayor Humdinger.
  • In the episode "Pup Pup Boogie" Ryder is proven too big to fit in the pups' vehicles (specifically Rubble's rig). However, in later episodes he rides in Zuma's submarine, even piloting it.
    • This means that Ryder may have upgraded the vehicles in order for himself and others to fit in the pups' vehicles.
  • According to the PAW Patrol Read and Glow book, Ryder adopted each of the pups to form the PAW Patrol.
  • In Sea Patrol episodes, Ryder gains the title "Captain", as addressed by Chase during briefing.
  • In some episodes, such as Sea Patrol and Mission PAW episodes, his hair is cut shorter. This may be an animation error.
  • In the Mission PAW, Sea Patrol, Ultimate Rescue, Dino Rescue and Rescue Knights episodes, he has a wristwatch pup-pad which functions the same as pup-pad but the difference is Ryder wears it mostly wears on his right arm.
  • As revealed in "Ready Race Rescue", Ryder is the one who built the mobile pitstop.
  • He (in the CAN/US version only) currently holds the record for most voice actors, with a total of five (Owen Mason, Elijha Hammill, Jaxon Mercey, Joey Nijem, Beckett Hipkiss, and Kai Harris; seven if one counts Will Brisbin).
    • Ryder was the first character to have a fourth voice actor.
  • His Season 2 voice actor, Elijha Hammill, plays Agent Odell in Odd Squad.
  • Ryder's pup-pad was stolen twice.
  • The film reveals that Ryder is in charge of all of the PAW Patrol’s financial priorities. It also reveals that the team’s income comes from officially licensed merchandise (According to Ryder, the team’s merchandise sell like hotcakes).
    • The shirt that Ryder holds up in the film depicts Chase, Marshall and Skye in the show’s original designs as rendered by Guru Studio.
  • The film reveals Ryder's pup-tag also has a function: To blink in Red in danger and can be reset back to normal when he is found. (Exhibited when he is pinned under the debris due to the collapse of Humdinger heights).
  • Ryder is the owner of Chase. (He saved Chase when he is a puppy back in Adventure City.)
  • Ryder has named dropped titles of episodes.
  • Ryder loves to play the game called Corn Niblet Crush, as mentioned in "Ultimate Rescue: Pups and the Mystery of the Missing Cell Phones".
  • Ryder's favorite comic is Pup-inator, as mentioned "Pups Save the Royal Armor".

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