This article is a transcript of the PAW Patrol episode "Sea Patrol: Pups Save Puplantis" from Season 4, which premiered on January 15, 2018 in the United States, and on February 3, 2018 in Canada.

00:00:49 Chase: Bye,bye! Have a safe walk home!
00:00:53 Chase: Adventure Beach is closed for the night. Is it mer-pup time yet?
00:00:57 Ryder: Almost. Look, the mer-moon is rising.
00:01:01 Skye: That means the mer-pups are on their way, yes!
00:01:04 Rocky: I hope they hurry, the sooner they turn us into mer-pups, the more we get to swim.
00:01:09 Zuma: Swim? Rocky dude, I thought you didn't like getting wet.
00:01:12 Rocky: I do when I'm a mer-pup. I'll have a fishtail and I'll be able to breathe underwater.
00:01:17 Marshall: Are they here yet? Did I miss them?
00:01:18 Marshall: (trips on a crab) Whoooaaa! (crashes along with Rocky)
00:01:20 Rocky: Whoa! (splashes)
00:01:23 Rocky: Yuck! I'm soaked.
00:01:26 Rocky: What? I'm not a mer-pup yet.
00:01:28 Pups: (All pups laughing)
00:01:30 Chase: It sounds like so much fun, I hope we get to be mer-pups this time.
00:01:34 Rubble: Yes! We've never been mer-pups before.
00:01:38 Ryder: I knew we'd see you here Captain Turbot, you never miss a mer-moon.
00:01:41 Cap'n Turbot: Right ho. Hi pups. I'm gonna get perfect pictures this time. More mer-pup, less thumb. Hahaha. Of course, the most immensely impressive image of all would be a picture of Puplantis.
00:01:55 Marshall: Puplantis? What's that?
00:01:58 Cap'n Turbot: It's the mer-pups' magical castle. My ravenous reading about it revealed no person or pup has ever seen it before.
00:02:05 Chase: Wow, they live in a castle? Now I really can't wait to be a mer-pup!
00:02:10 Ryder: Look at the moon! It's almost time! (Sees a pirate ship)
00:02:14 Ryder: Hmmm... I've never seen that boat before. It looks like it's heading in. I wonder if they wanna dock here.
00:02:20 Chase: Someone should guide them with a tower light.
00:02:23 Zuma: Yeah. It's getting dark.
00:02:25 Chase: I'll do it.
00:02:26 Ryder: Chase, are you sure? You were so excited about becoming a mer-pup.
00:02:30 Chase: I am, but I'm also on duty, so I need to stay here.
00:02:35 Ryder: Chase, you're such a good pup.
00:02:37 (Sound): (Mer-pups howling)
00:02:38 Zuma: Hey, is that the mer-pups?
00:02:40 (Sound): (Mer-pups howling)
00:02:42 Cap'n Turbot: Hey! Why not I ferry us out in the Flounder to find our fish-tailed friends?
00:02:46 Marshall,Rubble,Rocky,Zuma and Skye: Let's go!
00:02:47 Rocky: Thanks Cap'n Turbot!
00:02:48 Chase : (Sighs)
00:02:51 (Music):
00:02:55 Pirate Sid: Ahoy, Arrby! That camera strikes me fancy, I need it!
00:03:00 Arrby: (Gasps)
00:03:01 (Music):
00:03:05 Arrby: Uh, Captain Boss Mr. Sid sir, you already have at least four cameras!
00:03:11 Pirate Sid: Arr! I need all of them, for something.
00:03:16 (Music):
00:03:17 Pirate Sid: Aha! Now that's what I really need! Fetch me that lifebuoy!
00:03:22 Arrby: Uh, we got a bunch of them too.
00:03:24 Pirate Sid: Okay. So, I need something else! I don't know what yet but, I know I need something!
00:03:31 Singing: ♪ I'm Sid! The Pirate! Bold and tough! ♪
00:03:34 Singing: ♪ Sailing the World and taking you stuff! ♪
00:03:37 Singing: ♪ Whatever you have, I need it more!(Me need it more!) ♪
00:03:40 Singing: ♪ I'm taking it from see and shore! (I'll take your stuff!) ♪
00:03:44 Singing: ♪ Your Toy Truck, ♪
00:03:46 Singing: ♪ And your Rubber Duck, ♪
00:03:48 Singing: ♪ Big TVs, ♪
00:03:49 Singing: ♪ And all your Treats! ♪
00:03:51 Singing: ♪ A fun Guitar, ♪
00:03:53 Singing: ♪ An RC car, ♪
00:03:54 Singing: ♪ A Bouncy ball on and all! Harr Harr! (Bouncy Ball!) ♪
00:03:58 Singing: ♪ I'm Sid! The Pirate! Bold and tough! ♪
00:04:01 Singing: ♪ Sailing the World and taking you stuff! ♪
00:04:05 Singing: ♪ Hah! Hah! ♪
00:04:06 Pirate Sid: (Gasps)
00:04:07 Pirate Sid: Pups?
00:04:08 Pirate Sid: With fish tails?
00:04:10 Arrby: Must be Mer-Pups!
00:04:12 Arrby: Can I see?
00:04:13 Pirate Sid: I bet they have Mer-Pup stuff that I need!
00:04:15 Mama Mer-Pup: (Mer-pup barking)
00:04:17 Skye: Hi Mer-Pups! We've missed you!
00:04:20 (All): (Wowing in excitement)
00:04:20 Cap'n Turbot: Haha! I knew they'd show!
00:04:21 Rubble: Woo-hoo! There's the little baby Mer-Pup!
00:04:24 Rubble: She's so cute!
00:04:26 Marshall: Hi Mama Mer-Pup! It's me Marshall-Whoaaa.
00:04:31 (Sound): (Splash)
00:04:32 Marshall: I'm good!
00:04:33 Zuma: Totally cool idea! Let's all dive in!
00:04:36 (Sound): (Splash)
00:04:39 (Sound): (Splash)
00:04:42 (Music):
00:04:48 (Music):
00:04:54 Rubble: Woo-hoo! Being a Mer-Pup rules!
00:04:57 Skye: This Mer-Pup's gotta make a splash!
00:04:49(Sound): (Splash)
00:05:00 Rocky: Keep splashing! Now that I'm a Mer-Pup, I love water!
00:05:04 (Music):
00:05:10 Skye: A giant pearl! How beautiful!
00:05:15 Zuma: And fun! Coming your way, Rocky!
00:05:18 Rocky: Eyup!
00:05:19 Baby Mer-Pup: (Mer-Pup barking)
00:05:20 (Music):
00:05:21 Pirate Sid: A giant Mer-Pup pearl! Never seen one! But now I need it! I need it!
00:05:27 Mama Mer-Pup: (Mer-Pup barking)
00:05:28 Ryder: Pups! I think she wants us to follow her underwater!
00:05:32 (Pups): Sure! Cool! Let's go!
00:05:33 Cap'n Turbot: Maybe she wants to show us Puplantis!
00:05:37 Cap'n Turbot: Oh wait for me! And my camera!
00:05:41 (Pups): (Barks and howls)
00:05:44 Mama Mer-Pup: (Mer-Pup barking)
00:05:46 (Music):
00:05:49 Pirate Sid: Did'cha hear that Arrby? Those fishy pups and their pearls are close!
00:05:53 Arrby: If they are, I'll find them Captain Boss Mr. Sid sir! Arr!
00:05:59 (Music):
00:06:04 Chase: Huh?
00:06:05 Chase: Ryder! That boat we saw is now heading the other way!
00:06:08 Chase: Maybe it's not coming to shore anymore.
00:06:10 Ryder: Hmm.
00:06:12 Ryder: Keep an eye on it in case it still needs help coming in.
00:06:15 Chase: Aye aye, Ryder! So... how's it going down there?
00:06:18 Rubble, Rocky, and Skye: Paw-some! Yippee!
00:06:19 Rubble: We're going to see Puplantis!
00:06:20 Chase: Oh wow!.
00:06:21 Chase: A real underwater castle!
00:06:23 Chase: I wish I could have seen that. (Sighs)
00:06:25 Mama mer-pup, Zuma, Marshall: (Playing with the pearl)
00:06:28 Marshall: Oopsie Pearlsy.
00:06:31 Rubble: I'll get it.
00:06:32 Rubble: (Searches through the seaweed)
00:06:33 Rubble: Hey! It's a pup in a dive suit.
00:06:35 Arrby: I better get out of here.
00:06:36 Arrby: Uh, bye!
00:06:38 Zuma: I think he wants to play with us.
00:06:40 Zuma, and Rubble: (Both barking and following Arrby)
00:06:46 Arrby: (Gasps) Uh-oh.
00:06:48 Rocky: Looks like you're stuck. Need some help?
00:06:51 Arrby: Uh… oh, um, hi, I’m Arrrr-by. (straining)
00:06:57 Ryder: Nice to meet you, Arrby. We’ll help you.
00:06:59 Ryder: Rocky, you’ll free his leg and I’ll take this.
00:07:02 Arrby: Thanks, Mr. nice boy with all the pups, but I kinda need that.
00:07:07 Ryder: First, let’s get you unstuck, then it’s off to see Puplantis.
00:07:10 Rocky: (sets Arrby free) There you go, Arrby.
00:07:12 Arrby: Puplantis?
00:07:14 Pirate Sid: Ahoy, Arrby, my first and best mate. Remember, I need, need that pearl!
00:07:20 Arrby: Right. I’ll get it, Captain Sid Sir.
00:07:22 Arrby: Hey, wait! I wanna see Puplantis too!
00:07:27 Skye: Whoa, where’s the glow coming from?
00:07:31 Cap'n Turbot: It must be the lustrous luminous light of Puplantis!
00:07:35 Rocky, Skye, and Zuma: (barking and howling)
00:07:37 Rubble: Alright! Come on, Arrby.
00:07:41 (Scene): (They all see Puplantis)
00:07:43 All: Wow!
00:07:45 Pups: (barking and howling)
00:07:52 All: Wow!
00:07:57 Baby mer-pup: (howling)
00:08:00 Marshall: Look, the mer-pup put away her toy pearl.
00:08:03 Cap'n Turbot: The pearls aren’t toys. They give the mer-pups their magic.
00:08:06 Arrby: Whoa! Look at them all!
00:08:10 Pirate Sid: Arr! I’ve never seen so much booty! And I definitely need it all!
00:08:15 Arrby: It won’t be easy, Captain Boss Mr. Sid Sir. With everyone around, but I’ll try.
00:08:21 Zuma: Who-ho-hoa! How did they get all these pearls?
00:08:24 Mama mer-pup: (howling)
00:08:27 Cap'n Turbot: They come from the ancient shell of Puplantis. It makes magic pearls.
00:08:34 Arrby: Arr-mazing!
00:08:36 All: Wow!
00:08:37 Skye: Awesome!
00:08:39 Pirate Sid: Shell of Puplantis? I’ve never needed anything as much as I’ve needed that!
00:08:44 Pirate Sid: Arrby, get me that shell!
00:08:47 Arrby: (Gasps) The shell? But it’s too, uh, too big for me to carry.
00:08:52 Pirate Sid: Aye aye, then I’ll come down to help you, matey.
00:08:54 Arrby: You will? Really? Cool!
00:08:58 Ryder: What was that, Arrby?
00:08:59 Arrby: Uh, really cool, shell! Heheh.
00:09:04 Chase: The ship’s not moving! Now what’s it doing?
00:09:06 (Scene): (The pirate ship transforms into a submarine.)
00:09:13 Chase: Ryder, the boat just turned into a submarine!
00:09:16 Ryder: Really? Thanks, Chase. I’ll keep an eye out for it.
00:09:21 Pirate Sid: The perrr-fect hiding spot!
00:09:23 Pirate Sid: Hmmm… Arrby, do we still have that giant balloon we took?
00:09:28 Arrby: In a hold, Captain Boss Mr. Sid Sir. But why?
00:09:32 Pirate Sid: Because it will be the perfect distraction. Time to play, clear the castle.
00:09:37 Pirate Sid: Arr! Such a clever pirate I am!
00:09:41 (Scene): (Sid shoots the balloon to the ocean floor and the inflating device pumps up the balloon)
00:09:46 Rocky: Did you hear that noise?
00:09:48 Skye: I heard it too. What was that?
00:09:52 Baby mer-pup: (Howling)
00:09:54 Rubble: (Gasps) Is it a big sea spider?
00:09:58 Ryder: Whoa, we better check it out. Come on, pups!
00:10:01 Rubble: I’m staying behind you.
00:10:02 (Scene): (The pups, Ryder, and Cap’n Turbot swim to see the creature)
00:10:05 Cap'n Turbot: What a unique-looking octopus. (camera flashes)
00:10:09 Rocky: Hey, Arrby, what do you think? Arrby?
00:10:14 Arrby: Coast is clear!
00:10:16 Arrby: Ready, Captain Boss Mr. Sid Sir!
00:10:19 Pirate Sid: Arr! (presses the button)
00:10:20 (Scene): (The shell is being lifted by the rope Arrby attached and it sends to the submarine)
00:10:31 Ryder: Look, it’s just a balloon!
00:10:38 (Scene): (Ryder sees the submarine swimming away)
00:10:39 Ryder: Hey! That must be the submarine that Chase told me about.
00:10:42 Zuma: What’s it doing down here?
00:10:44 Ryder: I have no idea. (Gasps)
00:10:46 Baby mer-pup: (howling sadly)
00:10:48 Cap'n Turbot: She’s saying there’s something wrong with Puplantis.
00:10:51 Mer-pup: (howling)
00:10:53 (Scene): (Puplantis has lost its glow)
00:10:56 Cap'n Turbot: What’s happening to Puplantis?
00:10:57 All: (Gasping)
00:10:58 Rubble: Oh no!
00:11:00 Baby mer-pup: (Howling)
00:11:01 Marshall: The magic shell of Puplantis is gone!
00:11:04 Mama mer-pup: (Howling)
00:11:07 Rocky: What’s happening to the pearls?
00:11:08 Cap'n Turbot: Without the shell making new magic pearls to put in place of the old faded ones, the castle could collapse, then the whole of Puplantis!
00:11:17 Baby mer-pup: (howling sadly)
00:11:18 (Sound): (rocks crashing)
00:11:19 Ryder: Everyone, out of the castle, now!
00:11:22 Pups: (Barking and howling)
00:11:28 (Scene): (The castle is about to collapse)
00:11:30 Skye: (Gasps) The castle is falling apart! It needs the pearl’s magic to fix it.
00:11:36 Rubble: Hey, where did Arrby go?
00:11:38 Zuma: First the shell of Puplantis disappears and now, Arrby?
00:11:41 Ryder: I don’t know who took the shell, but that submarine taking off might have something to do with it.
00:11:46 Zuma: Do you think Arrby went with the sub?
00:11:49 Rocky: I bet that balloon octopus was a trick to get us away from the castle. And when we weren’t looking, Arrby took the shell.
00:11:56 Ryder: I think you’re right. And someone in that submarine was helping him.
00:11:59 (Sound): (Rocks rumbling)
00:12:00 All: (Gasping)
00:12:01 Cap'n Turbot: (Gasps) Puplantis can’t last without that precious pearl-producing shell!
00:12:06 Ryder: Don’t worry. No palace is too big, no pup is too small!
00:12:10 Ryder: Sea Patrol, to the Beach Tower!
00:12:14 Pups: Ryder needs us!
00:12:16 Chase: (Barking)
00:12:16 Marshall: (Howling)
00:12:17 (Scene): (The mer-pups turn the PAW Patrol pups back to regular pups)
00:12:24 Marshall: Sorry. It’s hard to run with a fish tail.
00:12:29 (Scene): (Mama mer-pup turns Marshall into a regular pup)
00:12:30 Marshall: Whoa! (crashes)
00:12:31 Marshall: No more Marshall the mer-pup, now I’m just clumsy old Marshall.
00:12:36 Pups: (Laughing)
00:12:39 (Music):
00:12:43 Marshall: (Barking)
00:12:47 Chase: Sea Patrol, ready for action, Captain Ryder sir!
00:12:50 Ryder: Thanks for swimming so fast, pups.
00:12:52 Ryder: As you know, the shell of Puplantis was taken. And now the mer-pups’ home is falling apart.
00:12:58 Chase: Oh no!
00:12:59 Ryder: So for this mission, I’ll need, Rocky, (Pup pad beeping) I need you to use your tools to repair the Puplantis until we can find the shell.
00:13:07 Rocky: Green means go!
00:13:09 Ryder: Rubble, (Pup pad beeping) I need you to use your rig to help fix the castle too.
00:13:13 Rubble: Rubble on the double!
00:13:15 Ryder: Cap’n Turbot, can you help the pups communicate with the mer-pups?
00:13:19 Cap'n Turbot: This Cap’n can do!
00:13:21 Ryder: While you three help up the castle, we’ll find that mysterious sub, and rush the shell back to Puplantis.
00:13:27 Skye: Yeah!
00:13:28 Rocky: Let’s go!
00:13:29 Zuma: Let’s do it!
00:13:30 Ryder: Alright! Sea Patrol is on a roll!
00:13:33 (Music):
00:13:40 Ryder: Load her up, Robo-Dog!
00:13:42 Robo-Dog: (Barking)
00:13:43 (Music):
00:13:58 Ryder: Robo-Dog, take us to sea.
00:14:00 Robo-Dog: (Barking)
00:14:02 (Music):
00:14:21 Pirate Sid: (Gasps) A new pearl, why this shell may be the finest piece of booty this buccaneer ever bend. Arrr.
00:14:30 Arrby: Arrrr, Ruff! (Laughs)
00:14:33 Mama Mer-Pup and Baby Mer-Pup: (Barking)
00:14:35 Ryder: Stop here Robo-Dog. Puplantis is just below
00:14:39 Robo-Dog: (Barking)
00:14:41 Ryder: Rubble, Rocky, get ready to launch.
00:14:45 (Music):
00:15:02 Ryder: Now to find that pirate sub, we need to travel underwater.
00:15:06 Zuma: But we can't all fit in my sub.
00:15:09 Ryder: No we can't. That's why we have...
00:15:14 Ryder: The Sub Patroller!
00:15:16 Skye: (Backflips) Yip yip!
00:15:16 Zuma: Awesome!
00:15:16 Marshall: Cool!
00:15:17 Chase: Coolest!
00:15:18 Chase: But...
00:15:19 Chase: What if the sub turns back into a ship and comes above water?
00:15:22 Ryder: Good point, Chase. We should have someone keep watch from the Sea Patroller too.
00:15:26 Chase: I'm still on duty. I'll stay behind.
00:15:29 Skye: But you’ll miss out on the Sub Patroller too.
00:15:31 Chase: I really want to go with you, but nope, it’s my responsibility. You guys go ahead.
00:15:36 Pups: (Barking)
00:15:45 Ryder: Sea Patrol is on a roll!
00:15:47 (Scene): (The Sub Patroller deploys)
00:15:51 Marshall: So fast!
00:15:52 Ryder: And that was just our launch speed. Hang on while we test the jets.
00:15:57 (Scene): (The Sub Patroller accelerates faster)
00:16:00 (Scene): (The pirate sub is sinking lower)
00:16:05 Pirate Sid: Aye, more pearls. I like it!
00:16:07 Arrby: But the shell keeps making on, and the ship is getting heavier and we’re sinking lower! Can we please throw some other stuff out?
00:16:13 Pirate Sid: Hahaha! Throwing treasure? You’re so funny, Arrby. Never!
00:16:19 Arrby: Aw…
00:16:21 (Scene): (The shell keeps on producing pearls)
00:16:25 (Music):
00:16:28 Rubble: Rubble here, Ryder. The palace is looking a little shaky.
00:16:32 (Scene): (The palace is breaking down)
00:16:33 Rubble: Oops. Make that whole lot shaky. But we’re on it!
00:16:38 Ryder: Thanks, Rubble. We’ll meet you there once we find that pirate sub and get that shell back.
00:16:43 Mama mer-pup: (Howling)
00:16:45 Cap'n Turbot: That’s a great idea! She’s off to help Ryder.
00:16:49 Rocky: Captain Turbot, we need some kind of pole to pop up the palace.
00:16:53 Cap'n Turbot: I’ll ask the mer-pups if they can help you. (starts communicating with the mer-pups)
00:16:58 Baby mer-pup: (Howling)
00:17:03 Rocky: I can use that mast from the old ship. Don’t lose it, reuse it!
00:17:08 (Scene): (Rocky brings the mast and passes it to Rubble. Rubble puts the mast to hold the castle up.)
00:17:17 Rocky: Nice! That should hold it for now.
00:17:21 Mama mer-pup: (Barking)
00:17:24 Marshall: Hey, it’s Mama mer-pup! I guess she wants to help too.
00:17:27 Skye: Ryder, there’s something on the sonar, moving fast!
00:17:31 Skye: It could be the pirate sub.
00:17:33 Ryder: Hang on, pups! Full speed ahead!
00:17:37 (Scene): (The Sub Patroller accelerates faster)
00:17:41 Skye: Look, look! The pirate sub!
00:17:43 Pirate Sid: Arrgh, we’re being followed! Hold on!
00:17:46 Arrby: Arrr!
00:17:47 Zuma: Where’s the sub going now?
00:17:49 Ryder: I’ll follow them.
00:17:51 (Scene): (The Sub Patroller follows the pirate sub)
00:17:54 Pirate Sid: That sub’s sticking me like a bad barnacle!
00:17:57 (Scene): (The shell keeps on producing pearls. Arrby looks through the window.)
00:18:00 Arrby: Captain Boss Mr. Sid Sir, all the pearls are slowing us down!
00:18:04 Pirate Sid: If we can’t be speedy, we’ll be sneaky! Let’s hide in that cove!
00:18:10 (Music):
00:18:16 (Scene): (The pirate sub bumps on a rock)
00:18:17 Chase: That way! I heard something! Sea Patroller light! (Barking)
00:18:22 (Scene): (The Sea Patroller’s search light turned on and points directly to the pirate sub)
00:18:26 Chase: Yes! Ryder, I think I found them!
00:18:29 Ryder: That’s great, Chase!
00:18:31 Ryder: Good work. We’re on our way. Keep an eye on it.
00:18:37 Pirate Sid: Those pearls are stumbling our sub! Stop making pearls!
00:18:42 (Scene): (The shell produces more pearls. Now the sub is full of pearls, causing it to sink to the ocean floor.)
00:18:46 Pirate Sid: Arrrr…
00:18:48 Arrby: …by!
00:18:53 Rocky: There goes another pillar!
00:18:55 Rubble: Let’s keep fixing!
00:18:58 Arrby: Help!
00:18:59 Pirate Sid: Arrrr!
00:19:02 Ryder: There they are!
00:19:03 Arrby: Those are the pups who rescued me!
00:19:06 Ryder: Ahoy there! Looks like you need some help.
00:19:09 Arrby: Yeah. It’s me, Arrby, and Sid Swashbuckle. Please help us...
00:19:13 Pirate Sid: We need help! Need it!
00:19:15 Ryder: We’ll pull you out. And after, you give back that shell. It belongs to the mer-pups.
00:19:20 Pirate Sid: Anything, anything!
00:19:22 Ryder: Zuma, activate the claws and we’ll pull out that sub.
00:19:25 Zuma: Aye aye, Captain Ryder!
00:19:28 (Scene): (Zuma activates the claws and the Sub Patroller’s claws hold the pirate sub)
00:19:34 Ryder: Let’s pull back!
00:19:36 (Scene): (The Sub Patroller pulls the pirate sub out.)
00:19:41 Ryder: There you go.
00:19:43 (Scene): (The Sub Patroller got caught up between the rocks and the claws lost its grip of the pirate sub. The pirate sub was free.)
00:19:45 Pirate Sid: On second thought, I-I need my stuff! Let’s go!
00:19:50 Skye: Ooh, that tricky pirate Sid! He’s trying to get away! We gotta catch him!
00:19:56 (Scene): (Ryder tries to control the Sub Patroller but it was stuck.)
00:19:57 Ryder: Oh no, we’re caught in these rocks!
00:19:59 Zuma: But the pirate sub’s getting away with the shell of Puplantis!
00:20:02 Ryder: Good thing we have one more pup. (Pup pad beeping)
00:20:05 Ryder: Chase, we freed Sid and Arrby, but now we’re stuck, and they’re getting away.
00:20:10 Ryder: I need you to use your winch and open that pirate ship hatch and get the shell back.
00:20:15 Chase: Chase is so on the case! (Barking) Scuba mode!
00:20:21 (Scene): (Chase is now equipped with his helmet and dives to the water.)
00:20:26 Chase: (Barking) Winch!
00:20:29 (Scene): (Chase’s winch opens up and hooks it into the hatch.)
00:20:34 Chase: (Barking) Retract!
00:20:36 (Scene): (The hatch opens and the cargo in the ship fall out.)
00:20:39 Ryder: Hang tight, pups. We’re moving back then thrusting forward!
00:20:43 (Music):
00:20:46 (Scene): (The Sub Patroller is finally free from the rocks.)
00:20:47 Marshall: Alright!
00:20:48 Ryder: Great!
00:20:49 Chase: The shell is still in there!
00:20:50 Arrby: Good news, Captain Boss Mr. Sid Sir! We’re going back up!
00:20:54 Pirate Sid: Ahoy! Then let’s make a quick slick getaway! Engines on!
00:20:59 Arrby: Arrr! (Barking)
00:21:01 Chase: What? How am I gonna get the shell now?
00:21:04 (Scene): (Mama mer-pup turns Chase into a mer-pup)
00:21:07 Chase: Cool! I’m finally a mer-pup!
00:21:10 Mama mer-pup: (Howling)
00:21:11 Chase: A mer-pup with a mission!
00:21:14 (Scene): (Chase swims faster to catch up with the pirate sub)
00:21:16 Skye: Look! Chase finally got his fish tail! (Giggles)
00:21:20 (Music):
00:21:23 (Scene): (Chase enters the sub and he got the shell)
00:21:24 Chase: (Barking) I found the magic shell!
00:21:26 (Scene): (Chase takes the shell out of the sub and brings it back with a help from Mama mer-pup)
00:21:28 (Music):
00:21:30 Pirate Sid: Hey, h-how did they get my shell?
00:21:32 Pirate Sid: (Gasps) My stuff is all gone.
00:21:35 Pirate Sid: I’ve got nothing!
00:21:39 Arrby: You still got me! (gives Sid a lick)
00:21:44 Rubble: Woo-hoo! Chase has got the shell! And he’s finally a mer-pup!
00:21:49 Cap'n Turbot: And that sleek sub is bringing back the pearls!
00:21:53 (Scene): (Chase and Mama mer-pup bring back the shell. The Sub Patroller brings the pearls back too. The shell and the pearls are back in its place. The castle is back to normal again.)
00:22:00 (Music):
00:22:02 Mer-pups: (Howling)
00:22:02 (Sound): (Camera clicking)
00:22:03 Chase: Wow, Puplantis!
00:22:05 Mer-pups: (singing)
00:22:08 Ryder: You’re welcome, mer-pups. Whenever you have a problem, just (sings like mer-pups) for help!
00:22:16 (Scene): (The mer-pups turn the PAW Patrol pups into mer-pups.)
00:22:18 Mer-pup: (Howling)
00:22:20 (Music):
00:22:22 (Sound): (Camera clicking)
00:22:23 Cap'n Turbot: Haha, can’t fool me again!
00:22:26 (Scene): (The octopus gets the camera from Cap’n Turbot)
00:22:27 Cap'n Turbot: Wait, it’s real! Oh, and I made up with my marvelous mer-pup pictures!
00:22:32 Cap'n Turbot: (Sighs) Oh well, I’ll just have to wait for the next mer-moon.
00:22:36 Pups: (Laughing and cheering)
00:22:37 Singers: ♪ PA-PA-PA-PA-PA-PA-PAW Patrol ♪