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Seal Island
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Where the Turbots reside

Seal Island, also known as Turbot's Island, is the island where Cap'n Turbot and Francois live. It is located on the shore of Adventure Bay. It represents Adventure Bay as the symbol on its town flag.


It is a small, hill-shaped island with some trees. In "Pups Save a Surprise" and "Pups Save the Queen Bee", it is called Turbot's Island. It first appeared in the series premiere episode "Pups Make a Splash".

Seal Island has been adapted into two toy playsets. The first is Pull and Play Seal Island, which comes with figure versions of the Flounder and Cap'n Turbot's rowboat. The second is the Lighthouse Rescue Track Set, which can be used for the Rescue Racer toy of Cap'n Turbot.


  • Lighthouse: The main structure, where the Turbots live. The top floor contains a big lamp that Cap'n Turbot uses to direct ships out at sea. The middle floor is Cap'n Turbot and Francois' room. It has blue-striped walls, rectangle-shaped windows, and curtains with an anchor pattern. The bottom floor has green walls, an entryway, and a staircase.
  • Shack: At the foot of the island is a small shack where the Turbots keep their supplies, like buckets of food for Wally. In Season 1, the shack is painted gray with a dark blue roof and brown door. In all later episodes, its appearance is changed to an orange shack with a teal blue door and turquoise roof.
  • Dock: There is a long wooden dock that goes from the bottom of the island to the water. The Flounder and the Diving Bell are usually docked here.


  • Cap'n Turbot: Cap'n Turbot looks after the island's lighthouse. He operates it at night and during severe weather.
  • Francois Turbot: Francois lives in the lighthouse along with his cousin.
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