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Season 1 is the first season of PAW Patrol. It premiered with "Pups and the Kitty-tastrophe"/"Pups Save a Train" on August 12, 2013, and ended with "Pups and the Pirate Treasure" on August 18, 2014. This season contained 26 episodes.


Here is a list of writers for Season 1 and how many episodes they wrote. This list is in most-to-least order.

Episode List

Each listing contains the episode number, name, original air date, and its writer.


  • Ursula Ziegler Sullivan wrote 19 out of 48 episodes, the most out of any writer.
  • The writers with the least episodes are John Van Bruggen and Sheila Dinsmore, only writing one each.
  • Even though "Pups Make a Splash"/"Pups Fall Festival" were the 15th episodes to air in the United States, they were actually the pilot episodes airing first in Canada.
  • This show was originally named "Ryder's Paw Patrol" back in 2012 when the show was still in development.
  • "Pups and the Ghost Pirate", "Pups Save Christmas" and "Pups Save the Easter Egg Hunt" are seasonal episodes, meaning they only air during a certain time of the year. These episodes have appeared in Xfinity's On Demand service months after their intended air times, however.
  • Marshall and Chase's voice actors (Gage Munroe and Tristan Samuel respectively) have been replaced in Season 2 by Max Calinescu and Drew Davis respectively. It is speculated that this is being done due to Gage and Tristan's voices getting too low to perform their character's voices.
  • Each episode has a certain character on its title card.
Rubble has 8 title cards.
Chase has 8 title cards.
Marshall has 7 title cards.
Ryder has 7 title cards
Rocky has 6 title cards.
Zuma has 6 title cards.
Skye has 6 title cards.
  • 30 episodes from this season premiered in 2013, and 18 episodes premiered in 2014 for a total of 48 episodes.
  • In the Vietnamese dub of Season 1, all title cards match with the exception of different text for each episode. Each title card is on a light blue background and features Chase on the left, with yellow text of the episode title on the right.

Title Cards