Location Info

((Seen in source: Replace with "UserPageBox\CharacterName\" if the location is specifically associated with a character that has a unique userpagebox made for them.))

[[[On individual lines, name the image files for screenshots of the location between the "gallery" marks (seen in source below). This can also be performed using the gallery tool. Ensure the pictures abide by the image policy. Include only pictures that focus on the location: either the entire site or an aspect of it. In the case of a location that features many subdivisions, it is preferable for a high quality image exclusively of the entire location to lead the gallery, followed by expansive views to progressively smaller views of particular sections, in a logical sequence. Note that just because an image features or takes place in a location, does not mean it is a suitable picture to include in the gallery. Avoid repetition of images (duplicates), including very similar images showing of altogether the same view/moment. To add captions, use a vertical line (|) immediately to the right of the image file, followed by the writing for the caption. Ideally the caption should describe the what the image portrays (i.e. a particular section of the location), in a coherent and grammatically correct manner. An example of these concepts is shown below (of the Lookout), though there are no improper captions demonstrated.]]]

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