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The jungle

Welcome to the jungle

The jungle is a location outside of Adventure Bay and is home to Carlos, Tracker and many species of exotic wildlife.


This is a large geographic region presumably in South America. The PAW Patrol always uses the PAW Patroller to access this region.

Special features

  • The Temple of the Monkey Queen: Cursed ruins believed to trap those who enter inside forever.
  • Tree fort: Can be used for observing and taking pictures of wildlife. Used by the Turbots in "Pups Save an Elephant Family".
  • Watering hole: A large pond, which native animals can swim in and drink from.
  • Monkey mask: Anyone who puts it on himself acquires the behavioral instincts of a monkey: agility, playfulness, communication in the language of monkeys, love for bananas. We could see a similar thing with Humdinger in the episode Pups Save Monkey-dinger.
  • Banana trees: A region with a high density of banana trees, which are not seen anywhere else in the jungle.
  • Coconut trees: Holds not only regular coconuts, but golden coconuts; these are collected by Carlos and Tracker in "Pups Save Baby Humdinger".


  • Carlos: Ryder's pen pal who appears to live alone. He is Matea and Tracker's owner.
  • Tracker: A pup and PAW Patrol member (as of Season 3), living with Carlos. He is later provided with a jeep-like vehicle and jungle-related pup-pack by Ryder.
  • Mandy: The troublesome monkey from "Pups Go All Monkey". She would eventually become the Monkey Queen in "Tracker Joins the Pups!".
  • Matea: Carlos' pet parrot, who also became a mother in "Pups Save the Parrot".
  • Gilda and her family: A family of elephants needing reuniting and saving in "Pups Save an Elephant Family".
  • Antelopes: Spotted by Marshall while traveling through the jungle in "Pups Save an Elephant Family". These animals use their coat patterns and colors to hide in the tall grass.
  • Friendly snake: A friendly green snake appearing in "Pups Jungle Trouble". Marshall mistakes it for a swing, since it hangs a coil of its body down from a tree.
  • Mother snake: Another snake who is in the jungle that had babies. Tracker mistook her for a male.
  • The Harpy Eagle: A large, intimidating eagle appearing in "Pups Save the Parrot".
  • Carnivorous Flowers: Taller than the pups, each with five petals and a thick green stem. Marshall repeatedly gets his head stuck in these.
  • Other: Toucans, Toads.
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