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Traveling Travis is a male traveler who debuted in "Pups Save a Wrong Way Explorer".


Travis is a world explorer notorious for going the wrong way and getting lost. He is also the host and cameraman of "The Traveling Travis Show" where he explores the world in his hot-air balloon, usually getting himself humorously lost in the process.

In "Pups Save a Wrong Way Explorer", while traveling to the North Pole, he gets lost and ends up in Adventure Bay. After being informed of his mistake by Ryder, the pups and Mayor Goodway, he leaves though unfortunately Chickaletta ends up in his balloon, with Travis mistaking her for a seagull, which he humorously names Seagulletta. This results in Travis and Chickaletta getting lost and end up in the jungle forcing Tracker to call the PAW Patrol when Travis' balloon ends up getting caught in a tree.

In "Pups Save a Humsquatch", the town of Adventure Bay is preparing for a visit from Traveling Travis. In addition to the assembled townsfolk, Mr. Wingnut and Mrs. Wingnut along with several tourists come to Adventure Bay to see Traveling Travis, causing the jealous Mayor Humdinger to concoct a plan to lure Traveling Travis to Foggy Bottom by pretending to be a cryptid monster Humdinger dubs the Humsquatch, though Traveling Travis gets himself lost again and accidentally ends up in Foggy Bottom just as Mayor Humdinger in a Humsquatch costume is trying to reach Adventure Bay and his attempts to get Travis' attention lead Mayor Humdinger falling down a ravine and gets himself stuck on a ledge, forcing Traveling Travis to call Ryder to save what they believe to be a poor creature, unaware it is actually Mayor Humdinger in disguise. However Traveling Travis ends up stepping in quicksand while trying to reach him, forcing the PAW Patrol to rescue both of them. In the end, Mayor Humdinger's deception is exposed after both he and Traveling Travis are rescued, though ironically it turns out Mayor Humdinger didn't completely makeup the Humsquatch as an actual one is revealed to live in forest of Foggy Bottom after Traveling Travis leaves.


Travis has no sense of direction and is always getting lost. He is rather unintelligent and frequently mistakes animals for different animals. He even thought Chickaletta was a seagull. He also mistook the jungle for the North Pole even though there was no snow (despite noting its absence), and mistook alligators for reindeer. However, he does recognize a python, though he mistakenly believes it to be a rare species native to the North Pole (ignorant of the well-known fact it would be too cold for any snake to survive there).

In "Pups Save a Humsquatch", Traveling Travis is also shown to not know what quicksand is and believing the quickly moving sand is a new discovery, he decides to name it "swift-sand".


Travis has light brown skin, curly brunet hair, green eyes, and a goatee. He wears a brown hat with a black rope tied around it and two patches attached to it, a pale-blue shirt, blue vest, brown belt with a compass and small bag, dark brown pants, brown boots, a brown arm wrap, a rope tied around his wrist, and a blue wristwatch.


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