aka Chase the Police Pup

  • I live in PBS Kids
  • I am Pingy Dingy Doo Pop! My Little Pony Happiness Doki Doki Heartcatch Really Cure!
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Hello i am a super-fan of Tracker and Rocky and my favorite book is Mission PAW.

Merchandise I Have

  • Marshall Pup Pal
  • PAW Patrol Bath Paints
  • PAW Patrol Cereal
  • Skye Action Figure
  • Apollo's Vehicle

My YouTube Channel (Thomas 4 Ever)

Thomas 4 Ever (also known as Thomas the Cat) is my Google user. I dislike cheating on Google+ and likes joining the "Nick Junior" community by +François turbot.


Every user that you find on text on Google+ has the "+[Username]" text. Favorite Show:

Canimals is my favorite show. My friends think is for babies...


  • Ato: An cute beagle who is always happy.
  • Mimi: An cute poodle... but a little selfish.
  • Uly: He eats too much and doesn't get fat.
  • Oz: An cat, and a bit selfish just like Mimi.
  • Nia: An cute scaredy cat.
  • Fizzy: The only male cat, and he is sneaky.


  • As seen on the site, Fizzy is selfish and sneaky.
  • Nia is the youngest.

to end, Favorite Song:

I'm only three years old

Each day i grow some more

I like exploring

I'm Caillou

So many things to do

Each day is something new

I will share with you

I'm Caillou

My world is turning

Changing each day

With Mommy and Daddy

I'm finding my way

Growing up is such a tuth

Sex we the academer

But there is lot of fun stuff

I'm Caillou



I'm Caillou

That's me

And Me

And Me

And Me

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