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Howdy! I'm just your average joe who has a love for animation, games, canines, cooking, among other things. A big dream of mine is to one day improve both my drawing and writing skills so I can create my own books and cartoons for children! And, if I'm lucky, maybe I'll even get to write an episode or two for PAW Patrol!

I'm best known as "MarshallPupFan", or "that guy who's way too obsessed over a clumsy cartoon Dalmatian". Under this name, I run a handful of social media accounts dedicated to posting content of Marshall, such as daily pics, clips of his iconic wipeouts, among other goodies! I also post updates and reminders of new episodes, as well as other bits of information as they're discovered (movie news, new sub-series, merchandise, etc.). If you're interested, you can find links to a few of my sites near the top of this page, next to my avatar (everything's 100% safe for all ages)!

In Which I Ramble About PAW Patrol

Good character design was another reason I gave "Mighty Pups" a chance. These outfits later became some of my favorites.

I was aware of the show's existence as early as 2015, but it wasn't until three years later when I finally decided to give it a shot. The first thing I watched was Mighty Pups, which I was curious about anyway since I'd seen it advertised a bunch in stores and on TV. Much to my surprise, it left me wanting more, so a few days later I decided to check out some of the regular episodes and... well, before I knew it, I was hooked!

The pups are easily my favorite thing about PAW Patrol... which isn't surprising, since if you know me, then you know just how much I love dogs. In fact, before watching Mighty Pups, Chase caught my attention many times, thanks to German shepherds being one of my favorite breeds. Naturally, he quickly became my favorite when I first started watching, though many of the others soon climbed up my list, such as Everest, Rocky, and the season seven newcomer, Rex. But the more I stuck with the show, the more another pup caught my attention. I dare say it's obvious who that is at this point.

In season 1, Marshall was terrified of flying. By season 3, he overcame his fear and became quite the air pup!

I'm not going to hide the fact that I am absolutely crazy about Marshall. He's not only my favorite pup in the cartoon, he's also my #1 favorite animated character, peroid! There's just so much about Marshall that I love, such as his silly yet charming & friendly personality, his playful nature, his clumsiness and the humor that often follows, among other things... yes, that includes his puns, too (both the good and the bad). And as someone who enjoys drawing characters, his design is easily my favorite out of the whole cast. But even if I was to ignore all of that, I still think he's one of the best characters in PAW Patrol, thanks to the fact he's good at taking the initiative, he's a fine leader when given the chance, many of the missions he's involved in often feel so unique compared to the others, and most importantly, he's the only pup to experience legitimate character development that actually shaped the way he behaved for the rest of the series (when he overcame his fear of flying in season 2's "Pups Leave Marshall Home Alone"). In a show like this, with storylines that rarely shape the overall canon, that's saying quite a lot!

And above all else... he's just so adorable, too! And he has such an awesome smile; one that can't help but always make me smile right back every time I see it.

You'll never know just how he'll crash into the elevator next!

No doubt there will be fans who'll disagree with me on some or perhaps all of this, but I really do legitimately believe Marshall's a terrific character, one who's both memorable and easily the most standout of the cast. I've no problem admitting he's the biggest reason I've stuck with the cartoon as long as I have. Say what you will, but I never grow tired of his clumsy antics and hearing him say "I'm good" afterwards. And as far as I'm concerned, an episode of PAW Patrol simply isn't complete until we see Marshall wipe out into an elevator or one of the various Patrollers - a tradition I hope they always stick with, regardless of any naysayers.

My Favorite Half of the PAW Patrol Team

He's not a spotted pup... he's THEE Spotted Pup!!

There are so many members in the PAW Patrol, it's difficult not to have multiple favorites!
  1. Marshall
  2. Rocky
  3. Chase
  4. Everest
  5. Rex
  6. Zuma
  7. Tuck

And here's the other half. These are in no particular order, that way there's hopefully no hurt feelings if someone's favorite is lower on my list.

My Favorite Marshall-Centric Episodes

Marshall's solo mission is not only my #1 favorite, but also my pick for Paw Patrol's best episode!

Episodes that either center around Marshall, or he has a significant role. Of course I had to make a category about this!

My "Other" Favorite Episodes

Wolves are my favorite animal, so it's no surprise I love this one!

Ones that don't involve a certain spotted pup or he doesn't have as much focus as the others. Hey, believe it or not, I do like episodes starring the other pups, too!

My Top Three Favorite Episodes of Each Season

Any episode where Marshall gets to lead the team is a-okay in my books!

More often than not, these are the ones I return back to the most for each season. Unsurprisingly, plenty of Marshall episodes.

My Least-Favorite Episodes

I'm not big on stories that vilify a wolf simply because it's a wolf.

Some I dislike more than others, but regardless, they're episodes I likely won't watch again anytime soon (if at all).

Characters I Like (Outside of the PAW Patrol Team)

This Great Dane is too adorable for his own good.

Adventure Bay citizens, villains, among other characters I'm always happy to see involved in an episode's plot!

Characters I DON'T Like...

A character whose voice I never want to hear again.

To say the least, I probably won't lose any sleep if I never seen some of these characters again.

My Top Ten (plus one) Favorite Marshall Outfits

Marshall has worn a bunch of different outfits over the years, so I thought I'd point out my favorites! If you think this is a thinly-veiled excuse to talk about Marshall some more... you'd be right!

1. Ultimate Fire Gear

Marshall UFR (Tansparent).png

Without a doubt, this is my absolute favorite outfit! And for good reasons, too; not only do I think it looks simply awesome, it's something I'm always happy to see because it means Marshall's going to lead the team in an Ultimate Rescue! Hey, if you ask me, Chase isn't the only one with leadership qualities, and I just love it when Marshall's allowed to take point and lead the group into a rescue!

2. Fireman Gear

Marshall transparent large.png

Marshall's main outfit, and the one you'll see him wear the most. Of course I had to put this one near the top, especially since it's not only iconic to the character, but to PAW Patrol, itself! Everything about it, from the heroic red color, to his iconic fireman's hat, and even the water cannons he uses to douse Rocky fires... it's all perfect!

It's the outfit he started out with, and it's easily one of his best!

03. Mighty Pup Suit

Marshall MP (Transparent).png

While most fans seem to prefer the Super Paws or Charged Up outfits, the original Mighty Pups suit designs are some of my favorites for all the pups! I'll admit, this might be more personal than anything else, since as I mentioned above, Mighty Pups was my introduction to PAW Patrol! I suppose it's a bit more special to me because of that.

04. Air Patrol Jump Suit

Marshall AP 2 Transparent.png

While I think this outfit looks great, the truth is, it's not the only reason I have it placed so high. To me, it also stands as proof of Marshall's character development - how he went from being so afraid of flying in the first two seasons, to eventually overcoming his biggest fear and becoming quite the accomplished flyer! To see him grow like that was simply awesome, and I truly feel this outfit stands as a symbol of just how much Marshall has changed since his introduction!

05. EMT Gear

EMT Marshall PNG (Hat).png

While some might find it odd to see a clumsy pup take on the role of an Emergency Medical Technician, he actually handles it quite well! In fact, Marshall knows to take things more serious while wearing this outfit. But what's cool is that, along with using his medical tools to help the injured or the sick, he's also found ways to use it in unexpected ways, such as using his X-ray scanner to see through disguises! And considering the dangers present in many missions, it's a valuable profession to have on the team!

Sadly, as of the half-way mark of season 8, we haven't seen him use his EMT Gear or ambulance since season 5. Such a shame, too. I really hope Spin Master brings it back some day!

06. Rescue Knights Armor

Rescue Knights Marshall PNG.png

As of the time of typing this, we haven't seen much of Rescue Knights. And yet, I decided to place this new outfit so high up on my list anyway. As for why, it's really quite simple; I just think it looks really, really awesome! Seriously, I just love the design, and I think it looks amazing on Marshall! And how lucky the first Rescue Knights episode centered around the spotted pup, so that made it all the better in my books!

I have to say, I never thought I'd see the pups wear something like medieval armor for actual missions, but it surprisingly works! If they keep coming up with great-looking outfits like this, I'll forever look forward to whatever ideas they come up with next!

07. Ready Race Rescue Suit

Marshall RRR (Transparent).png

Well, of course I HAD to include the outfit from Marshall's mini movie!

Cosmetically, the racecar aesthetic gives it so much detail to really help it stand out among the dozens of outfits we've seen over the years, yet it hits the right notes so the whole thing doesn't look overstuffed. And while the pup pack doesn't offer anything new, it's still neat that it combines tools from both his Fireman and EMT gear, as if to give us the best of both worlds!

Maybe some of this is my own personal bias talking, but I do legit believe it's a great outfit that's worthy of being on anyone's favorites list!

08. Jet Gear

Jet Marshall 2.png

To be honest, I like it when an outfit contains a lot of black. In my opinion, it just looks so stylish. It's another reason why his Ultimate Fire Rescue gear is my #1 pick over his default fireman gear. The combination of black, white and red mixes so well, so even though we unfortunately didn't get to see Marshall (and many of the other pups) use it too much, it still stands out to me in a memorable way.

09. Pup-Fu Gi

Marshall PF (Transparent).png

Much like his EMT gear, the fact this outfit looks really cool isn't the only reason I have it here. Truth is, while I love Marshall's clumsiness and the humor that follows it, I also really like it when he's allowed to show off just what kind of skills he truly has... and that's Pup-Fu to a Tee! He's even a green belt - a level no other pup has achieved yet!

Clumsiness is a part of his character and I truly wouldn't want it any other way, but it's great to know it's not something that always defines everything he does!

10. Ultimate Fix-It Gear

Marshall URR (Transparent.png

This is another outfit that has, currently and unfortunately, only been used once. And yet, out of all the Ultimate Rescues, it's one of the few that's really stood out to me over the years because its overall design sticks out in a really nice way. It's one of two reasons why I hope we get another Ultimate Fix-It Rescue - the other being my hope that Rocky, my second-favorite pup, will get his chance again to lead the group.

Honorable Mention - Sheep Disguise

Marshall Sheep Disguise (transparent).png

I'm not sure if this can be considered an official PAW Patrol-brand outfit, but I still wanted to include it here anyway because... well, it's simply adorable! And besides, I think it's yet another testament to Marshall's character and his overall uniqueness, since you know nobody else on the team could've pulled off something like this to the same degree of success. It's unique, interesting, and just overall fun missions like this that makes me love the character all the more.

Other Outfits Not Listed

Many of these (as well as others I don't have a PNG of yet) didn't make it onto my favorites list, but I still like 'em anyway!

And if you made it all the way to the end, here's some...

Marshal puptag clear.png
Spotted Pup Trivia!
True to his breed, Marshall has many spots all over his fur... 43, to be exact!