aka Dennis

  • I live in Milky Way
  • My occupation is Being a Lazy Cat
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A bit about myself

  • Very proud of having the gift of autism. Feel free to ask any questions about it.
  • I love cars (not the movie although that's good too), but especially old Amarican V8's (mid-50'-early-70'.)
  • Fav car got to be Eleanor ('67 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500.)
  • Fan of PAW Patrol (obviously.)

Accomplished on this Fandom

  • Besides the obvious of new/old info and correcting wrong/bad grammar:
  • Have had the honor to work with SirBlaze creating the Discord server for this Wiki and granted the rank Discord Pup.
  • Deleted/moved 2137 duplicate/cropped/low quality/unneeded images and counting.

My favorite episodes

Favorite Quotes

  • From Cap'n Turbot:
    • "Well, isn't this a perfectly preposterous pickle of a prickly predicament" (S03E23A.)
    • "I've been bumped in the bay by a particulary powerful pickle projectile" (S05E23B.)
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