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Wild, formerly known as Wild Cat, is the first cat member of the PAW Patrol and leader of the Cat Pack. He debuted in the Season 7 episode "Moto Pups: Pups vs. the Ruff-Ruff Pack."


Wild is a famed stunt cyclist who first meets the PAW Patrol when a Motorcycle Stunt Show comes to Adventure Bay. Later, after helping them on numerous missions, he teams up with three other felines (Leo, Rory and Shade) to lead a group called the "Cat Pack" (with his outfit during this representing a Cheetah).

During his time with the PAW Patrol, he ends up forming a rivalry with a biker gang known as the "Ruff-Ruff Pack."


Wild is a confident kitty who's always willing to help out. He loves motorbikes and performing "claw-some" stunts, such as front flips, backflips, and the rather stylish "Triple-Alley-Oop Loop" (which involves three continuous backflips during a long jump). Indeed, his skills are well known, even to the pups, who all greatly anticipated his arrival. Conversely, Wild, himself was eager to meet the PAW Patrol, and even told Marshall upon their first meeting that he was a big fan of his (perhaps believing the Dalmatian's clumsy stunts were an act of their own).

To say the least, Wild's skills are graceful and smooth, and one would undoubtedly believe him to be fearless. With that said, he's been shown to have a fear of mice, though he won't let that stop him when others are in trouble. He also won't let a bad situation get the best of him, such as when he couldn't quite get a particular stunt right but continued practicing until he could. And despite his rivalry with the Ruff-Ruff Pack, he won't hesitate to help them out of the bad situations, even if it's one they put themselves in.

Wild's also very friendly to those around him. For example, when he first crossed paths with Danny, he was quite pleased to meet an upcoming stunt cyclist and even gave him the nickname "DDX" (an abbreviation of "Daring Danny X"). Wild was also happily open to participating in some of the pups' own games, such as when they played fetch together with Ryder, although he didn't quite connect with it (remarking that it "must be a pup thing"). And alongside helping the pups improve their skills on motorcycles, he even happily tried teaching them a few cat tricks, such as climbing trees. Sadly, despite his friendly and helpful demeanor, he wasn't able to win over Mayor Humdinger, who seemed rather annoyed at the thought of a feline joining the PAW Patrol. He is also daring, impulsive, and has a need for speed.


Wild has light cream fur with patches of light orange fur around his greenish blue eyes. He wears a white helmet and a red and black suit. He also has a dark orange mohawk. He has stripes on the back on his body. His pup (or cat) tag has gold edges with a gray center and a red cat paw in the middle. His helmet also has red on it. His collar is red with white stars in place of the original black stars that were originally on his collar.

Wild has a new design as of Season 8, with this new look, he has a brown Mohawk, larger eyes, a smaller nose, a modified chest, and a modified tail. His fur is also brighter in spots, not to mention it no longer blends in around his legs anymore, giving his overall design a more simpler look. His new collar is gray. His Cat Pack attire is orange with a bracelet on his left paw. He wears a orange helmet that has Cheetah spots on the sides, and has a part on it resembling a nose. His gear has spots on it as well. When his "Cheetah Speed" power is activated, his spots turn yellow. He has red visors.


Here is a gallery of Wild's attires throughout the series:


Wild's Moto vehicle received many upgrades from his old one, including super speed boosters, gripper claws and a yarn ball launcher. In its season 7 debut, it was revealed that Ryder and Robo-Dog made these modifications after his bike was damaged by the Ruff-Ruff Pack. His vehicle was given the number "21".

In season 8's "Cat Pack/PAW Patrol Rescue: Rubble and Wild and a Yarn Ball!", Wild has a new motorcycle. While it has some of the same abilities, it has a few new ones, like autopilot and Trike mode, which allows it to turn into a tricycle. It wasn’t properly introduced until "Pups Meet the Cat Pack".


Wild's Pup-Pack contains a yarn ball launcher, which releases strings of yarn. In "Moto Pups: Pups vs. the Ruff-Ruff Pack", he uses it to stop Adventure Bay's Ferris wheel from rolling out of control by making the yarn strings go around it.

His new pup-pack in season 8 has Cheetah spots on it. Once he presses his pup-tag, his gear comes out of it and forms around his body.


Just like the PAW Patrol pups, Wild has a tag of his own. His consists of a red cat paw with a single claw on each digit and a golden border on the outer edge. The background is silver, and instead of the usual bone design found on the pups' tags, his instead has fish. When in use, his tag will flash and allow Wild to make calls to or with Ryder, the Lookout, and the rest of the pups.

Wild found himself with a new tag in season 8, now in the shape of a trapezoid combined with a hexagon. The background is orange, and instead of fish, it now has black cheetah spots. It has the same paw symbol as the other Cat Pack members, though his is orange with a silver outline. When pressed, the pack on his back will release his outfit (as shown in the gif below).

Skills and Abilities

Due to being an experienced stunt cyclist, Wild is exceedingly good at using motorbikes and other vehicles, and can even do stunts on them without getting injured. He also usually lands safely during falls, no doubt a direct reference to how real cats always land on their paws.

His Cat Pack attire grants him "Cheetah Speed", which allows him to glow and go super fast.


  • "This cat is ready for a wild ride!"
  • "Meow, wow!"
  • "Clawsome!"
  • "This cat always lands on his paws."
  • "This cat's gotta run!"
  • "Cheetah Speed!"
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